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League of Legends Glossary

League of Legends Glossary

There are a lot of acronyms and slang terms used by LoL (League of Legends) players during a match.  If you aren’t up to speed with what all of the different terms mean, you will be confused and won’t be as effective.  We put together a list of the most common terms and their meanings.

Champion Types

  • Assassin – Champions that usually have good mobility and excellent single target damage.  They often have little health.
  • Fighter – Melee champions with a good mix of damage output and defensive capabilities.
  • Mage – Champions that primarily deal damage through their abilities instead of the auto-attacks.
  • Marksmen – Champions that primarily deal damage through their ranged auto-attacks.
  • Tank – Champions that rely on large hit points, armor, and magic resist to survive. They often have excellent crowd control abilities to offset their low damage output.

Champion Positions

  • Top – The top lane is a very versatile position, allowing many different kinds of champions to complement the rest of their team.
  • Jungle – The jungle position is also a very versatile position.  The best junglers have great mobility and engage potential.
  • Mid – Most mid champions excel at dealing damage and are carries for their team.  Very often this means they are either mages or assassins.
  • Bot (Bottom) Lane – In most situations, two players from each team face off in the bottom lane.  Usually one is a marksmen carry while the other is a support champion that tries to feed kills to the carry champion.

Damage Types

  • AD (Attack Damage) – Physical damage usually done by melee or ranged weapon hits.
  • AP (Ability Power) – Magical damage usually done by mage spells or passive abilities.
  • True – Damage that cannot be mitigated or stopped.

General Terms

  • ADC (Attack Damage Carry) – This is a champion who scales very well, dealing massive physical damage at high levels with sufficient gold.
  • AFK (Away from Keyboard) – Players are AFK when they are not currently playing the game.  If you are AFK too often, you may be penalized.
  • ARAM (All Random, All Mid) – This is a PvP gametype where players are randomly assigned a champion and must all fight via a single lane.
  • Baron (Baron Nashor) – The baron is a neutral monster that resides in the baron pit at the top side of the map in the river.  When killed, he gives a large buff to the team that slayed him; however, he can deal a large amount of damage and has a large amount of hit points.  Engage with caution.
  • CC (Crowd Control) – An ability that hinders an opponent, either through limiting their movement, their abilities, or their damage output.
  • Counter – A counter is a champion that performs particularly well against that champion.
  • CS (Creep Score) – The total number of minion or neutral monster kills a player has.  Use this in conjunction with a player’s kills and assists to roughly judge how far ahead or behind they are relative to you.
  • Drag (Dragon; Drake) – The dragon is a neutral monster that resides in the dragon pit on the lower side of the map in the river.  When an elemental dragon is killed, it grants a permanent bonus to the team that slayed it depending on what type of dragon was killed.  When the elder dragon is slain, it temporarily increases the power of other dragon buffs the team has already received. There are four types of elemental dragons:
    • Cloud: Increases movement speed
    • Infernal: Increases damage
    • Mountain: Increases objective damage
    • Ocean: Increases regeneration
  • Farm – Champions that are farming try their best to avoid fights with enemy champions in favor of killing minions and monsters to increase their gold total.
  • First Pick – The first champion chosen during the picks and bans phase.
  • Gank – When a player comes from the jungle or another lane to attack an enemy in coordination with their ally in lane with overwhelming force.  This must usually be a surprise to succeed.
  • Inhib (Inhibitor) – A base structure that spawns minion waves.  Each base has three inhibitors on Summoner’s Rift and two inhibitors on Twisted Treeline.  It can be temporarily destroyed, but it will respawn after 5 minutes.  Super minions will temporarily spawn in a lane for the team that destroyed the opponent’s inhibitor.  At least one inhibitor must be temporarily destroyed for the Nexus to be destroyed.
  • KS (Kill Steal) – Taking the credit and kill gold away from an ally that did most of the work to bring down the enemy.  Unless you really need the gold to catch up or are your team’s carry, it’s usually considered unsportsmanlike to kill steal from your teammates.
  • Leash – To assist your team’s jungler in killing a neutral camp by both damaging the monster and distracting it from damaging your teammate.
  • LoL (League of Legends) – The game you are playing.
  • MR (Magic Resist) – Resistance to magical damage (a.k.a. ability power).
  • Newb – A player that is new to the game.
  • Power Spike – When a champion gains an item or ability that significantly increases their ability to kill their oponents, they are said to have gone through a power spike.
  • Wave Clear – The ability of a champion to kill large numbers of minions at once.  If a champion has good wave clear it means that they can roam more often to support their team mates because they need to spend less time in lane killing minions to earn the same amount of gold.

We hope you have enjoyed this LoL glossary.

Please let us know if there are any additional terms you would like us to clarify by dropping us a line at

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