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LoL Malzahar Counters and Best Teammmates

The Best LoL Champions to Synergize and Counter Malzahar

80,839 Malzahar Counters and Matchups Analyzed


To determine the most and least favorable counters for Malzahar, we reviewed the scores of 80,839 recently played, ranked League matches. We determined which champions have the greatest and poorest win rates versus him. Furthermore, we isolated those few that are ideal teammates and who could help prevent him from being countered. Having analyzed so many rounds leaves us with lots of certainty in our conclusions.

As shown above, Nocturne is the strongest challenger for Malzahar with a 54.0% victory percentage against him. Close behind, Ziggs and Kayle are the next greatest threats to Malzahar. These two champs have win rates of 53.0% and 52.0%, respectively. You should not take him into a game where any of these champions has been chosen.

Conversely, if you are facing off against Zoe, you can anticipate doing much better. Malzahar counters them with a much better win percentage of 58.0%. Equally, you should anticipate doing very well when battling Gragas and Nidalee. These champs have the next worst win rates against Malzahar.

Malzahar Team Synergies

If you would like good champ synergies for your own allies to enhance your win rate more, take a peek at at the Malzahar synergies above. Regardless of his lane, he does best when on the same team as Trundle. This pairing usually increases his average win rate by 5.0%. Xin Zhao and Illaoi are also great champions to fight alongside.

Our Methods

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We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week. We analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Malzahar counters online.

Guide to Countering Malzahar

  • If you see Malhazar using Nether Grasp on one of your allies, throw him a stun or other disable to save your ally from being immobilized.
  • Try to learn the mechanics of Call of the Void so you avoid getting silenced by it.
  • Most of Malzahar's damage comes from his minions instead of his DoT ability. They also help him get a lot of CS. You should prioritize killing his minions to counter Malzahar.
  • Malzahar counters squishy champions in 1:1 fights, but he's not very strong in team fights. In particular, if you are facing Malzahar and have less than 50% health, you should really consider fleeing. His combo of damage and suppression will likely guarantee him a kill if he can get on top of you.