Draven Guía y estadísticas de campeones de TFT

Draven Estadísticas y guía de campeones de TFT

Cómo ganar con Draven en Teamfight Tactics

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  • The damage draven can deal is insane, especially once he gets his axes spinning. Stop him from losing his Spinning Axes buff by preventing him from being CC'd.

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How can you defeat Draven in TFT? He owns me every time!

Draven can deal an insane amount of damage, especially once his axes start going. Your best bet to stop Draven is to hard CC him. Most good Draven builds incorporate some amount of lifesteal. It's very important you prevent him from overhealing all of your damage with his massive damage and high attack speed. If Draven has CC protection, the next best thing is to try to take him out in 1-2 hits, such as with a high damage-dealing, single-target champion like Kha'Zix.