Karma Guía y estadísticas de campeones de TFT

Karma Estadísticas y guía de campeones de TFT

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Sugerencias para TFT Karma

  • Try to speed up how quickly Karma can use her ability. She deals a massive amount of damage once she's able to reduce her max mana down enough to cast often. One of the best items to put on her to ensure she rapidly casts is Blue Buff.
  • Do your best to keep Karma alive as long as possible to maximize that heavy late-game damage. Don't leave her unprotected.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre Karma

Other people own me with their Karma in TFT, but I can't seem to do much with her. How do I build Karma to carry me to the end?

Karma is a late-round carry. She needs some time to build up in order to deal that massive damage. In the case of TFT Karma, she needs to cast her ability serveral times before she is at full power. Do what you can to increase her cast rate or reduce her mana charge time. A great item for Karma is Blue Buff. It's really necessary for any Karma build, as it allows her to cast much faster. After Blue Buff, you'll want to get at least one AP or other ability damage scaling item. After that, it's up to you whether you opt for more sustain or damage on her.