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쉔 vs 니달리 카운터 상성 이기는 방법 vs 롤에서 쉔로(으로) 니달리를(을) 이기는 방법

쉔로(으로) 니달리를(을) 이기는 방법

4,950건의 쉔 vs 니달리 매치 업 분석 결과





니달리를(을) 카운터 하기 위한 의 베스트 아이템

The top items to have in your Shen versus Nidalee build include Sunfire Aegis, Randuin's Omen, and Titanic Hydra. When Shen included at least these three pieces in his build, he did a lot better when fighting Nidalee than with most other typical item sets.

4.1 | 쉔 니달리 | 6.4


4.9 | 쉔 니달리 | 5.9


10 | 쉔 니달리 | 6.9

니달리를(을) 카운터 하기 위한 의 베스트 룬

착취의 손아귀 Rune 착취의 손아귀
보호막 강타 Rune 보호막 강타
재생의 바람 Rune 재생의 바람
소생 Rune 소생
궁극의 사냥꾼 Rune 궁극의 사냥꾼
비열한 한 방 Rune 비열한 한 방
To have the highest chance of crushing Nidalee as Shen, Shen players should equip the Grasp of the Undying, Shield Bash, Second Wind, Revitalize, Ultimate Hunter, and Cheap Shot runes. Out of all the runes players picked for Shen vs Nidalee battles, this blending of runes resulted in the greatest win rate. We have also shown the best Nidalee runes to counterpick against Shen in order to help you understand how she will likely be setup against your champ.

니달리가(이) 를(을)이기기 위해 자주 사용하는 룬

감전 Rune 감전
돌발 일격 Rune 돌발 일격
사냥의 증표 Rune 사냥의 증표
굶주린 사냥꾼 Rune 굶주린 사냥꾼
물 위를 걷는 자 Rune 물 위를 걷는 자
깨달음 Rune 깨달음

vs 니달리 카운터 통계 요약

The stats shown here clarify some vital Shen versus Nidalee counter stats that can help you appreciate the differences and similarities between the two. For instance, Shen’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of 2.9 is greater than Nidalee’s ratio of 2.3, demonstrating that Shen may be more central to his team's team fighting capability than Nidalee.

Shen typically has a significant smaller longest kill spree than his enemy does. Commonly, Shen takes less damage than Nidalee. This is usually reflective of differing health capacities, but it can also illustrate that the champion with more health has less agility and thus is unable to kite away from further harm when engaged or poked.

Shen usually racks up many more minion kills than Nidalee. Champs that do not finish with many minion kills typically don't need much CS to be effective. They are able to scale fully off of their abilities alone. Yet, champs with plenty of CS, such as ADCs, typically need a lot of gold to be useful. In either situation, work to best the averages shown here to do well.

By default, Shen vs Nidalee tips, statistics, and build guide are presented for all ranked divisions. If you want to filter the statistics and builds to an individual player tier, you may use the selection menu located above.

가장 높은 연속 킬

2 | 쉔 니달리 | 3.1

가한 피해량

12,650 | 쉔 니달리 | 16,844

받은 피해량

22,816 | 쉔 니달리 | 26,492

획득한 골드 량

9,340 | 쉔 니달리 | 10,398

처치한 미니언 수

108 | 쉔 니달리 | 36

제거한 타워 수

5.1 | 쉔 니달리 | 5.3

처치한 용 수

2.1 | 쉔 니달리 | 1.8

처치한 바론 수

0.4 | 쉔 니달리 | 0.4

제거한 억제기 수

0.9 | 쉔 니달리 | 0.9

vs 니달리 매치 업 요약

At MOBA Champion, we evaluate millions of ranked League matches each and every week. Within our data, Shen faced Nidalee in 4,950 games. Having so many matchups for Shen vs Nidalee gives us faith in our ability to prepare informative data and a recommended build to crush your opposition.

This particular champion pairing is somewhat uncommon. Shen is forced to battle against Nidalee in only 5.9% of his games. Shen has done a great job of beating Nidalee. Normally, Shen wins a terrific 54.0% of matches the champions fight one another in. In Shen against Nidalee rounds, Shen’s team is 0.0% more likely to get first blood, implying that he most likely will be able to get first blood versus Nidalee.

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이 카운터 가이드를 위해 저희는 최근 4,950 건의 롤 쉔 vs 니달리 경기를 분석하였습니다. 저희는 업계 최고의 퀄리티를 가진 카운터 통계를 보장하기 위하여 엄격한 데이터 클리닝과 프로세싱 수단을 사용합니다. 쉔로(으로) 니달리를(을) 카운터 치기 위한 추천 빌드는 실제 데이터에서 나오며 타 사이트처럼 그냥 지나가던 롤 유저로부터 나오는 얼렁뚱땅 썰을 제공하는 것이 아님으로 안심하실 수 있습니다. 페이지의 상단에서 필터를 사용하시면 여러분의 랭크에 따라 최근 가장 연관 있는 통계와 아이템을 보실 수 있습니다.