Poppy 롤토체스 챔피언 가이드와 통계

Poppy 롤토체스 챔피언 가이드와 통계

전략적 팀 전투에서 Poppy로(으로) 승리하는 방법

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롤토체스 Poppy

  • Poppy's shield can provide a lot of sustain and is a great buffer for shadow items that deal health damage to her.
  • If you build TFT Poppy as part of a Hellion build, she will actually do a surprising amount of damage from her auto attacks due to the attack speed bonus she gets from her trait.

Poppy FAQ

When does Poppy get her shield boost? Is it when she throws her shield or when it returns to her?

TFT Poppy gains her shield boost when her shield returns to her. This can, unfortunitally, mean that she sometimes misses gaining her shield before she dies.