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Revenant 시너지를갖고 있는 챔피언

Revenant 시너지 상세사항

Revenants revive after their first death each combat. Once revived, they take and deal increased damage.

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전략적 팀 전투에서 Revenant 시너지를 카운터 치는 다른 시너지

롤토체스 Revenant 시너지 가이드

  • It's great that your champions with the Revenant trait will come back from the dead, but if they immediately receive focus, they will be killed again, and quickly. You should put your Revenant champions near other champs who can take back the focus while the champion revives.
  • It may be a good idea to give Revenants a means of refreshing their health (i.e. Lifesteal, Spell Vamp, or Regeneration).