Counters de Karma

Counters e melhores parceiros de time para Karma no LoL

Os melhores Campões do LoL para sinergia e counterar Karma

85,721 counters e matchups com Karma analisados


We calculated the best and worst Karma counters using stats taken from 85,721 ranked League of Legends matches. We have worked out those champions with the best and worse rates of victory versus her. Furthermore, we found which champs can be great allies to help you win more League games.

As can be seen above, Zyra is the best to challenge Karma with a 55.0% win fraction against her. In a close second and third place, Corki and Nocturne are the next largest threats to Karma. These two champs have win rates of 55.0% and 55.0%, respectively. You should not bring her into a game where one of these champions has already been picked.

On the other hand, if you're fighting Azir, you should expect to do much better. Karma counters them with a very respectable win rate of 56.0%. Equally, you can expect to do very well when facing Nidalee and Twisted Fate. These champs have the next worst winrates when trying to counter Karma.

Sinergias de Karma

If you are looking for good champion pairings for your own allies to advance your winrate even further, look at the champion synergies above. Regardless of her chosen position, she does best when on the same team as Brand. This pairing usually enhances her average win rate by 2.0%. Xin Zhao and Nocturne are also great champions to fight alongside.

Nossos métodos

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Nós processamos milhões de partidas de League of Legends, extraídas diretamente dos servidores da Riot semanalmente. Analisamos os dados usando algoritmos avançados para oferecer os counters de Karma mais precisos on-line.

Guia para counterar Karma

  • Quando Karma invoca Decisão Absorta em você, corra o mais rápido possível para longe para minimizar as chances de ficar enraizado.
  • Quando Inspiração dissipa ou está em recarga, Karma não terá um escudo para protegê-la.