How to Synergize Акшан with Амуму on the Same Team Акшан is in the b tier of champions

Акшан with Амуму

How to Win With Акшан and Амуму Paired Together Амуму is in the a tier of champions
Marksman Assassin
Tank Mage

How to Synergize Акшан and Амуму

based on 5 829 Акшан with Амуму pairs
Процент побед
53,5 %
6,5 %

How We Analyze Champion Pairings in LoL

At MOBA Champion, we pull data from from millions of League of Legends games directly from Riot Games each and every week. Акшан has been on the same team as Амуму in 5829 recent, ranked matches. By accumulating so much relevant data straight from the developers of LoL, we feel confident that we can present to you high-quality, usable builds to help Акшан play with Амуму. It is somewhat uncommon for Акшан to play with Амуму on the same team. This has only taken place in approx. 6.5% of games with Акшан.

Акшан Амуму Synergy Summary

Акшан has done a good job of synergizing with Амуму. On average, they wins a terrific 53.5% of games the champions fight together on the same side. If you want to maximize your potential as Акшан when playing alongside Амуму by learning how to better synergize your strategy with him, then review the full build (with items, runes, summoner spells, and skills) below!

Best Акшан Амуму Synergy Build


Первые предметы

Желаемое время
УничтожительЗелье здоровья

Следующие предметы

~5 минут
КиркаПолуденный колчан

Основные предметы Акшан

~22 минут
Грань БесконечностиСкорострельная пушкаУбийца кракенов

Дополнительные элементы

КровопийцаСборщик долговСмерть РазумаГрозовая бритва

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonerdot summoner spell F

Порядок навыков

Первый навык для Акшан для повышения уровня q
Вторая способность для Акшан для повышения уровня e
Последний навык для Акшан, чтобы достичь максимума w


Точность Искусное лавирование Присутствие духаЛегенда: рвениеУдар милосердия
Вдохновение Магическая обувьКосмическое знание
Attack Speed Adaptive Force Armor
Акшан's passive ability p
Акшан q ability q
Акшан w ability w
Акшан e ability e
Акшан's ultimate ability r

Guide to Synergizing Акшан and Амуму

Tips for Playing as Акшан with Амуму

Акшан с усмешкой смотрит в лицо опасности. В борьбе со злом ему помогает бронебойная харизма, праведный гнев и упорное пренебрежение рубашками. Он – опытный воин и мастер скрытности, умеющий оставаться незамеченным и заставать противников врасплох. Обостренное чувство справедливости заставило Акшана вооружиться легендарным оружием, способным воскрешать убитых, и начать личную войну с негодяями Рунтерры. Моральный кодекс Акшана очень прост: "Не будь сволочью".

Advice to Understand How Амуму Will Play

Амуму сильно зависит от команды, поэтому постарайтесь стоять на линии с другом.

Умение Отчаяние очень эффективно против вражеских танков, поэтому постарайтесь находиться рядом с врагами, обладающими большим запасом здоровья.

Хотя сокращение перезарядки очень полезно для Амуму, покупка предметов с этим атрибутом часто сопряжена с общей потерей эффективности. Старайтесь почаще брать усиление ''Знак озарения''.

Акшан Амуму Synergy Stats

Акшан Image
Win Rate
53,5 %
Win Rate
46,5 %
Амуму Image
< Kills >
< Deaths >
< Assists >
< Killing Sprees >
< Minions Killed >
< Dragons Killed >
< Inhibitors >
17 244
< Physical Damage >
16 618
3 860
< Magic Damage >
3 692
2 014
< True Damage >
1 947
23 119
< Damage Dealt >
22 258
20 412
< Damage Taken >
20 302
12 724
< Gold Earned >
12 375
< Towers >
< Baron Takedowns >
3 614
< Total Healing >
3 519
14 173
< Experience >
13 875
< Vision Score >
< Wards Placed >
< Time Dealing CC >

How to Play with Амуму as Акшан in LoL

The Акшан Амуму synergy stats shown here demonstrate the areas of their gameplay that do better (or worse) when paired with Амуму, compared to their overall stats. Significant differences are areas of focus that highlight how their gameplay changes when paired with this other champion.

Overall, Акшан sees a large worsening in their KDA (ratio of kills and assists to deaths) when paired with Амуму. His KDA went down from NaN to NaN. This fall shows that Амуму helps Акшан perform not as well in competitive LoL matches. Yet, the small difference proves that this performance change is not very impactful.

When Акшан is an ally to Амуму, they observes a little increase in their complete damage dealt. This change may demonstrate that Амуму provides cover for them to dish out more damage or that his presence also helps extend the round's duration. Similarly, when Акшан is played alongside Амуму on the same side, he usually scores many fewer killing sprees compared to when they plays on his own. This is contrasting evidence that they is worse when playing alongside Амуму.

Additionally, when Акшан plays with Амуму on the same team, they often takes a little more damage than when they fights alone. Getting dealt more damage may mean that Амуму does a poor job of covering Акшан in teamfights.

Synergies between Акшан and Амуму

Тип урона

Акшан with Амуму

Champion Playstyles Contrasted


Is Акшан better when played alongside Амуму?

There is no universally accepted best synergy for Акшан that will always be their top ally. Yet, overall, Амуму is a fantastic companion for Акшан. By playing on the same side as Акшан, he raises their win rate by 3.8% to 53.5%. This demonstrates that there is an important bond between Акшан and Амуму that results in them performing better together than alone.

Амуму has a greater difficulty than Акшан. That means you need to be careful when arranging Амуму comrades to go into battle on the same side as, as they will need a greater level of skill to be able to work well with you.

Fighting together, Акшан players will likely witness an overall large increase in your team’s ability to support your allies. Together, these champions may be able to carry with the power of their abilities.

Conversely, by bringing Акшан and Амуму together, you may not be granting your side much attack damage. Make sure to bring other champs on your team that neutralizes this hole in their kit.

Regardless of the ability of your Амуму ally, you should focus on increasing your gold income, warding to avoid ambushes, and clearing objectives. If you follow these simple suggestions, you will do well, regardless.

Additional Information for Акшан Players

How We Calculated Our Акшан Амуму Synergy Build and Stats

For this guide on pairing Акшан and Амуму, we analyzed 5 829 ranked and recent League of Legends matches. We perform advanced data cleaning and statistical methods to guarantee that our team synergy stats are accurate and reliable. You can be confident that our recommended build to pair Акшан with Амуму comes from actual data and is not the fabrication of some random LoL player, as some other sites provide. You can use the filters at the top of the page to view your division's most relevant stats and build.

Further Insights to Win with this Champion Pairing

To learn all of the intricacies of Акшан in order to pair well with Амуму during both the early game and mid / late game phases of League games, you should continue reading to gather additional lessons on this champion pairing. If you use the build and suggestions presented here, you should increase your win rate by a lot.

The top finished items to have in your Акшан and Амуму synergy build consist of Грань Бесконечности, Скорострельная пушка, and Убийца кракенов. When Акшан included at least these three pieces in their build, they performed a lot better when paired up with Амуму than with most other common item sets. In fact, Акшан boasted an average win rate of 53.5% when synergizing their build and playstyle to Амуму with these items in their kit.

To have the highest probability of vanquishing your oponents, Акшан players should equip the Искусное лавирование, Присутствие духа, Легенда: рвение, Удар милосердия, Магическая обувь, and Космическое знание runes from the Точность and Вдохновение rune sets. Out of all the rune sets players used for this team composition, this sequence of runes resulted in the highest win rate. Notably, these runes averaged a 53.5% winrate overall.

If you want to get Акшан and Амуму synergy tips and builds for a an individual player tier, please choose one from the selection menu shown above. If viewing for the first time, the stats and build suggestions shown are computed using every match with data with these champions.