How to Synergize Скарнер with Жанна on the Same Team Скарнер is in the a tier of champions

Скарнер with Жанна

How to Win With Скарнер and Жанна Paired Together Жанна is in the s tier of champions
Fighter Tank
Support Mage

How to Synergize Скарнер and Жанна

based on 375 Скарнер with Жанна pairs
Процент побед
51,2 %
2,3 %

How We Analyze Champion Pairings in LoL

At MOBA Champion, we pull the stats from from millions of League of Legends rounds directly from Riot Games each week. Скарнер has been on the same team as Жанна in 375 recently played, competitive matches. By gathering so much relevant data from the developers of LoL, we have complete confidence that we can showcase high quality, usable builds to help Скарнер synergize with Жанна. It is relatively rare for Скарнер to play with Жанна as teammates. This pairing has only taken place in about 2.3% of rounds with Скарнер.

Скарнер Жанна Synergy Summary

Скарнер has done a decent job of teaming up with Жанна. Normally, he wins an acceptable 51.2% of the time the champions try and work together in. If you want to do better as Скарнер when fighting on the same team as Жанна by learning how to better synergize your gameplay with her, then look into the full build (with items, runes, summoner spells, and skills) below!

Best Скарнер Жанна Synergy Build


Первые предметы

Желаемое время
Детеныш ветролисаЗелье здоровья

Следующие предметы

~5 минут
Длинный мечСияние

Основные предметы Скарнер

~22 минут
Тройственный СоюзЧерная секираШипованный доспех

Дополнительные элементы

Сила природыБроня мертвеца

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonersmite summoner spell F

Порядок навыков

Первый навык для Скарнер для повышения уровня q
Вторая способность для Скарнер для повышения уровня w
Последний навык для Скарнер, чтобы достичь максимума e


Точность Завоеватель ТриумфЛегенда: рвениеПоследний рубеж
Колдовство ПревосходствоХождение по воде
Attack Speed Adaptive Force Health Scaling
Скарнер's passive ability p
Скарнер q ability q
Скарнер w ability w
Скарнер e ability e
Скарнер's ultimate ability r

Guide to Synergizing Скарнер and Жанна

Tips for Playing as Скарнер with Жанна

Пронзание крайне эффективно для удержания врага и перемещения его в зону поражения союзников.

Автоатаки сокращают перезарядку Кристаллического удара. Проводите их как можно чаще, чтобы наносить максимальный урон.

Захват Кристаллических игл рядом с нейтральными объектами и местом проведения командных боев перед началом сражения существенно увеличивает боевые показатели Скарнера.

Advice to Understand How Жанна Will Play

Око бури можно накладывать на союзные башни.

Использование Воющего вихря без зарядки может сильно навредить вражеской команде в нужный момент.

Своевременное использование абсолютного умения Жанны может спасти союзника или даже разметать строй врагов.

Скарнер Жанна Synergy Stats

Скарнер Image
Win Rate
51,2 %
Win Rate
48,8 %
Жанна Image
< Kills >
< Deaths >
< Assists >
< Killing Sprees >
< Minions Killed >
< Dragons Killed >
< Inhibitors >
8 484
< Physical Damage >
8 556
3 761
< Magic Damage >
3 802
1 030
< True Damage >
1 034
13 277
< Damage Dealt >
13 393
26 731
< Damage Taken >
27 747
10 772
< Gold Earned >
11 091
< Towers >
< Baron Takedowns >
8 811
< Total Healing >
9 046
12 788
< Experience >
13 268
< Vision Score >
< Wards Placed >
1 582
< Time Dealing CC >
1 614

How to Play with Жанна as Скарнер in LoL

The Скарнер Жанна synergy stats shown here demonstrate the areas of his gameplay that do better (or worse) when paired with Жанна, compared to his overall stats. Significant differences are areas of focus that highlight how his gameplay changes when paired with this other champion.

Overall, Скарнер sees a large worsening in his KDA (ratio of kills and assists to deaths) when paired with Жанна. His KDA went down from NaN to NaN. This drop shows that Жанна helps Скарнер perform worse in ranked League rounds. Yet, the small difference demonstrates that this performance change is not very impactful.

When Скарнер is paired with Жанна, he gets a barely noticable drop in his full damage dealt. This change could signal that Жанна does not help cover for him to deal more damage or that her presence also helps extend the game's duration. Similarly, when Скарнер is played with Жанна on the same side, he usually scores many fewer killing sprees compared to when he plays alone. This is contrasting evidence that he is worse when playing with Жанна.

Additionally, when Скарнер plays with Жанна on the same team, he on average receives a little less damage than when he plays alone. Taking not as much damage may mean that Жанна does a decent job of covering Скарнер in team fights.

Synergies between Скарнер and Жанна

Тип урона

Скарнер with Жанна

Champion Playstyles Contrasted


Is Скарнер better when played alongside Жанна?

There is no one best champion pairing for Скарнер that will no matter what be his best teammate. Yet, Жанна is a very typical ally for Скарнер. By being on the same team as Скарнер, she raises their win rate by 0.1% to 51.2%. This proves that there is not really a strong bond between Скарнер and Жанна that results in them performing at the top of their game together than without each other.

Жанна has a greater difficulty than Скарнер. That means you should be careful when enlisting Жанна teammates to fight alongside, as they will have to have a greater level of skill to be able to fight well with you.

Working together, Скарнер players should observe an overall large increase in your team’s capacity to support your allies. Together, these two may be able to carry with the power of their abilities.

Conversely, by bringing Скарнер and Жанна together, you will not be granting your team a great deal of anti-tank damage dealing potential. Make sure to pick other champs on your team that nullifies this disparity in their abilities.

Regardless of the skill of your Жанна teammate, you should focus on increasing your gold income, staying alive by avoiding foolish fights, and clearing objectives. If you heed this simple advice, you will do well, regardless.

Additional Information for Скарнер Players

How We Calculated Our Скарнер Жанна Synergy Build and Stats

For this guide on pairing Скарнер and Жанна, we analyzed 375 ranked and recent League of Legends matches. We perform advanced data cleaning and statistical methods to guarantee that our team synergy stats are accurate and reliable. You can be confident that our recommended build to pair Скарнер with Жанна comes from actual data and is not the fabrication of some random LoL player, as some other sites provide. You can use the filters at the top of the page to view your division's most relevant stats and build.

Further Insights to Win with this Champion Pairing

If you would like to learn all of the intricacies of Скарнер to synergize with Жанна during both the early game and mid / late game phases of League of Legends, you should keep reading to gather some more lessons on this champion pairing. If you listen to the build and suggestions presented here, you will grow your win rate by a lot.

The best items to prioritize in your Скарнер and Жанна synergy build consist of Тройственный Союз, Черная секира, and Шипованный доспех. When Скарнер included at least these three pieces in his build, he performed significantly better when paired up with Жанна than with most other commonly used builds. In fact, Скарнер boasted an average winrate of 51.2% when synergizing his build and playstyle to Жанна with these items in his kit.

To have the best likelihood of defeating your oponents, you should equip the Завоеватель, Триумф, Легенда: рвение, Последний рубеж, Превосходство, and Хождение по воде runes from the Точность and Колдовство rune sets. Out of all the runes players picked for Скарнер and Жанна pairings, this mixture of runes resulted in the best win rate. In fact, these runes gave a 51.2% win rate overall.

By default, tips, statistics, and builds on how to synergize Жанна with Скарнер are given for all ranked divisions combined. If you would like to filter the stats and builds to a distinct division, you can use the selection menu located earlier in the counter matchup guide.