Viego: гайд и статистика по чемпиону в TFT

Viego: гайд и статистика по чемпиону в TFT

Как выиграть с чемпионом Viego в Teamfight Tactics

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Viego в TFT: советы

  • Viego's ability is incredibly powerful (converting enemy units into allies), but it does take a while to finish casting. Further, if he's not powerful enough, he may not kill them quickly enough and therefore may not take control of them. Try to use Viego in combination with other champions to help convert them faster.

Viego: частые вопросы

My Viego didn't kill his target and turn him. What happened?

Viego deals a great amount of ramping damage each time he uses his ability. It increases in power by 100% each second. If, however, he's unable to kill his target within 5 seconds he will fail and not turn them. While he can kill many enemies in one use of his ability, it's not guaranteed. To help ensure he does take down his target each time, a good Viego TFT build will include some bonus to his Ability power or will allow him to critical hit with it more consistently.

What happened to my turned champions? I didn't see them get killed by anyone.

Unless you have a level 3 Viego TFT champ, the targets he turns will take max health loss per second. At level 1, they take 15% max health damage per second, meaning that most turned champions will last no more than 6 seconds. If they are in combat, expect them to only last a couple seconds. Don't dispair though, as this ability still is a terrific way to clear carries in the enemy's backline while hard CCing them.