Kled TFT Champion Guide and Stats

Kled TFT Champion Stats and Guide

How to Win with Kled in Teamfight Tactics

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TFT Kled Tips

  • While Kled is only a tier 1 TFT champion, don't underestimate how impactful he can be on a Hellion team with their large boost to Attack Speed. Notably, his passive ability grants him extra damage every 4th attack. Do your best to make that proc as often as possible with as much damage as possible.
  • As a Cavalier champion, you can significantly improve Kled's sustain by adding at least one additional Cavalier champion to your team's roster.
  • Help Kled not be initially targetted by placing him in towards your backline. TFT Kled's Cavalier trait will allow him to quickly charge into battle, anyway.

FAQs About Kled

In Teamfight Tactics, is Kled a tank or a melee fighter?

TFT Kled can be played as either. In a Hellion build he gains a lot of attack speed, so he can easily be made into a high damage dealer by adding some Attack Damage. Alternatively, due to his large initial shield based on max HP, he can also be an effective tank by providing him some extra HP. Moreover, he can be played as a hybrid tank/fighter mix by giving him both some tank and some additional AD. In many situations, this may provide the best mix of abilities for Kled in TFT to take your team to the winner's circle.