Nidalee TFT Champion Guide and Stats

Nidalee TFT Champion Stats and Guide

How to Win with Nidalee in Teamfight Tactics

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TFT Nidalee Tips

  • TFT Nid can deal a great amount of damage if you can increase her critical strike chance and/or her dodge chance. Her ability damage procs on both. And with boosts to both of these stats, Trickster's Gloves may be a great item to give to her.
  • Nidalee in TFT gains a large amount of dodge chance when she transforms into her cougar form. Further, she often stacks more dodge with items to maximize her damage output. This makes her able to withstand or avoid a lot of normal hits; however, it doesn't help her overcome Spell Power based carries. Consider giving her MR to let her outlast these champions, as well.

FAQs About Nidalee

How can I best take advantage of Nidalee's innate abilities?

TFT Nidalee will do additional damage as a cougar on her next hit after she dodges an attack or makes a critical hit. Try to stack either of these. Because Nidalee only uses her ability one time to transform, she's not a good champion to place items that buff on ability casts.