Syndra TFT Champion Guide and Stats

Syndra TFT Champion Stats and Guide

How to Win with Syndra in Teamfight Tactics

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TFT Syndra Tips

  • Syndra's ability does a lot more than deal massive damage, it also throws back the closest enemy. Place Syndra near your other carries to help protect them by flinging away the enemy divers before they can get your main damage dealers.
  • When Syndra fligs an enemy away, she throws it at the farthest enemy. Pay attention to where your enemy is placing their carries to deal massive damage to them each time she flings them.
  • If Syndra is one of your last champions left standing in a Redeemed team build, she will do fantastic damage to her targets and the enemy carries with her throws. Try to keep her around.

FAQs About Syndra

Is it better to focus on cast rate or ability damage with your Syndra build?

Syndra can deal a great deal of damage to both hear nearest and farthest opponents when she flings her nearest opponent back. If you are primarily using Syndra in TFT to deal your team's damage, focus on her damage output with items that increase her ability damage, such as with Jeweled Gauntlet. If, however, you have another higher damage carry, you should put Syndra next to them and increase her attack rate. She will do a great job of flinging away champions that threaten your carry.