Vayne TFT Champion Guide and Stats

Vayne TFT Champion Stats and Guide

How to Win with Vayne in Teamfight Tactics

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TFT Vayne Tips

  • Vayne in TFT will deal about 50% of her damage as True damage. She is a great tank killer, especially against champions with flat armor reduction, such as Leona. Do your best to increase her attack speed and the number of enemies she can hit with each shot, while still causing on-hit effects to occur.
  • It's not beneficial to have two different Vayne's with different levels out on the battlefield at the same time. While their hits may stack, if the lower level Vayne is the one to hit the 3rd shot, you will miss out on damage.
  • Vayne can gain a lot of damage by gaining a Jeweled Gauntlet. It will increase both her regular damage and the amount of damage her ability's true damage.