Warwick TFT Champion Guide and Stats

Warwick TFT Champion Stats and Guide

How to Win with Warwick in Teamfight Tactics

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TFT Warwick Tips

  • If Warwick's target dies while he's using his ability (Infinite Duress), he will immediately jump to the next lowest health enemy and continue slashing them apart. TFT Warwick has relatively low base damage with his ability. However, if you can increase it, you could potentially chain many more kills together with it. The great thing is that he heals while using his ability, so in giving him Spell Power to tear enemies apart, you are also essentially making a high HP regen tank, as well.
  • Warwick in Teamfight Tactics games will gain a lot of Ability Power if you are going full Forgotten trait with your team build. This can help him become much more relevant with his ability.