Cruel TFT Class Guide and Stats

Cruel TFT Class Stats

How to Win with the Cruel Class in Teamfight Tactics

1,213,334 TFT Cruel Team Comps Analyzed

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Champions with the Cruel Class

Cruel Class Details

A Cruel champion hungers to be alone against exactly 1 enemy left standing. Cruel champions are purchased with Little Legend Health instead of gold. They can be sold for gold, but not Health. You're welcome.

Best Champs to Have on a Cruel Team Comp in TFT

Other TFT Classes that Synergize Well with Cruel

TFT Classes that Cruel Counters in Teamfight Tactics

Cruel FAQs

Do I lose health if I get Teemo through the champion select stage?

No, you only lose health if you purchase Teemo in TFT from the champion pool.