Dragonslayer TFT Class Guide and Stats

Dragonslayer TFT Class Stats

How to Win with the Dragonslayer Class in Teamfight Tactics

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Dragonslayer Class Details

Dragonslayers always gain bonus Ability Power. After the first Dragonslayer ally scores a takedown on an enemy with certain amount of Health, all allies gain additional Ability Power for the rest of combat.

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TFT Dragonslayer Class Guidance

  • The current TFT Dragonslayer trait description is a little confusing. Dragonslayers always gain the ability power bonus. They don't need to earn it through a kill. If you are primarily building the Dragonslayer trait on your team, you may not need to worry much about killing a high health champion early. The majority of your best champions will already have gained their max bonus.
  • Dragonslayer boosts AP instead of AD or tank. You should help compensate for this hole by building additional tank (or AD if necessary). Don't go too overboard by solely boosting AP while neglecting their survival.