Verdant TFT Class Guide and Stats

Verdant TFT Class Stats

How to Win with the Verdant Class in Teamfight Tactics

5,551,609 TFT Verdant Team Comps Analyzed

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Champions with the Verdant Class

Verdant Class Details

Champions that start combat adjacent to at least one Verdant ally are immune to crowd control for a duration.

Best Champs to Have on a Verdant Team Comp in TFT

Other TFT Classes that Synergize Well with Verdant

TFT Classes that Verdant Counters in Teamfight Tactics

TFT Verdant Class Guidance

  • Champions with the Verdant trait in Teamfight Tactics don't shield themselves from crowd control.
  • If you want to protect your Verdant champions from CC, you should place Verdant champs next to each other so they will shield one another.