TFT Spear of Shojin Item Guide and Stats

TFT Spear of Shojin Item Stats and Guide

How to Win with Spear of Shojin in Teamfight Tactics

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Spear of Shojin Description

The holder's Basic Attacks restore additional Mana.

Best Champs to Use Spear of Shojin in TFT

TFT Spear of Shojin Tips

  • Each champion normally receives 10 mana for each hit they strike. Therefore, it's easy to calculate how many hits it will take (in the absence of receiving damage) to use your ability again. For instance, 70 mana = 7 auto-attacks. When you add Spear of Shojin, you'll change the math so that you'll get 18 mana with each hit. There are some max mana levels that aren't worth the using this item on them. Champions with max mana levels of 10, 20, 40, and 60 usually aren't good candidates for Spear of Shojin in TFT.