Estadísticas de Counter de Jayce vs Irelia

Cómo ganar el enfrentamiento entre Jayce y Irelia vs Cómo vencer a Irelia como Jayce en LoL

Cómo vencer a Irelia como Jayce

5,987 Jayce vs Irelia Enfrentamientos Analizados

We at MOBA Champion summarize millions of recently ranked LoL rounds each week. In our data, Jayce faced off against Irelia 5987 times. Including so many games with Jayce versus Irelia provides us confidence in our capability to prepare actionable data and a pro build to counter your foe This counter matchup is fairly uncommon. Jayce fights Irelia in only 6.3% of his matches.

Unfortunately, Jayce has done a pathetic job of countering Irelia. On average, he wins a lowly 44.2% of the time the champions battle one another in. In Jayce against Irelia games, Jayce’s side is 0.0% more expected to obtain first blood. This indicates that he most likely will be able to get first blood versus Irelia.



Primera sangre


Los mejores objetos de Jayce para contrarrestar a Irelia

The ideal items to have in your Jayce versus Irelia build consist of Eclipse, Muramana, and Recaudadora. When Jayce bought at least these three items in his build, he performed significantly better countering Irelia than with most other typical counter builds. In fact, Jayce boasted an average winrate of 66.7% battling Irelia with this counter build.

Las mejores runas de Jayce para contrarrestar a Irelia

Conquistador Rune Conquistador
Claridad mental Rune Claridad mental
Leyenda: Presteza Rune Leyenda: Presteza
Golpe de gracia Rune Golpe de gracia
Calzado mágico Rune Calzado mágico
Entrega de galletas Rune Entrega de galletas

To have the greatest likelihood of crushing Irelia as Jayce, you should use the Conquistador, Claridad mental, Leyenda: Presteza, Golpe de gracia, Calzado mágico, and Entrega de galletas runes from the Precisión and Inspiración rune sets. Out of all the runes we have analyed for Jayce vs Irelia counter picks, this mixture of runes yielded the greatest win rate. Notably, these runes averaged a 48.1% winrate overall.

We have also included the top Irelia runes to fight back against Jayce in order to help you recognize how she will probably be setup to try to beat you.


6.4 | Jayce Irelia | 7.8


6.7 | Jayce Irelia | 6.6


6.1 | Jayce Irelia | 4.7

Resumen de estadísticas del contador de Jayce vs Irelia

The stat comparisons shown on this page show several significant Jayce versus Irelia matchup statistics that can help you understand the differences and similarities between this set of champs. For instance, Jayce’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of 1.9 is nearly equal to Irelia’s ratio of 1.9, demonstrating that Jayce may be just as central to his team's team fighting capability,capacity,effectiveness,potential as Irelia..

Jayce often has a slightly smaller longest killing spree than his enemy,opponent,foe,counter,matchup does. Commonly, he takes less damage than Irelia. This typically indicates differing health capacities; however, it can also show that the one champion has less agility and thus is unable to kite away from additional damage when poked or engaged.

Jayce commonly racks up less CS than Irelia. Champions who on average do not finish with many minion kills typically do not need much CS to be effective. Instead, they are capable of scaling easily off of their abilities and first items alone. However, champions with many minion kills, such as carries, usually need a lot of items to be effective. In either case, try to pass the averages shown here to do well.

By default, tips, stats, and builds on how to beat Irelia as Jayce are shown for all ranked divisions combined. If you would like to,To,If you want to narrow the stats and builds to a distinct player tier, you may use the selection menu at the top of this page.

Mayor Asesinato múltiple

1.46 | Jayce Irelia | 1.8

Largest Multi-Kill

1.4 | Jayce Irelia | 1.68

Daño Infligido

20,382 | Jayce Irelia | 18,259

Daño recibido

18,643 | Jayce Irelia | 27,078

Healing Done

3,231 | Jayce Irelia | 5,660

Vision Score

18 | Jayce Irelia | 17

Oro Acumulado

11,198 | Jayce Irelia | 12,572

Súbditos Muertos

160 | Jayce Irelia | 192

Dragones Matados

0.1 | Jayce Irelia | 0.12

Barones asesinados

0.03 | Jayce Irelia | 0.04

Torres destruidas

2.22 | Jayce Irelia | 2.45

Inhibidores destruidos

0.45 | Jayce Irelia | 0.52

CC Duration (sec)

126 | Jayce Irelia | 78

Experience Earned

13,334 | Jayce Irelia | 14,034

Cómo analizamos nuestros counters de campeones

Para esta guía de counters, hemos analizado 5,987 partidas de Jayce contra Irelia recientes de LoL. Utilizamos rigurosos métodos de limpieza y procesamiento de datos para garantizar que nuestras estadísticas de counters sean de la máxima calidad. Puedes estar seguro de que la build recomendada para contrarrestar a Irelia como Jayce proviene de datos reales y no es la invención de algún jugador de LoL al azar, como algunos otros sitios proporcionan. Puedes utilizar los filtros de la parte superior de la página para ver las estadísticas y los elementos más relevantes para tu rango.