Teemo Statistiques de contre vs Akshan

How to Win Teemo vs Akshan Counter Matchup vs How to Beat Akshan as Teemo in LoL

How to Beat Akshan as Teemo

31,065 Teemo vs Akshan Matchups Analyzed

Taux de victoire


First Blood


Meilleurs objets pour Teemo pour contrer Akshan

The top items to prioritize in your Teemo versus Akshan build include Rabadon's Deathcap, Nashor's Tooth, and Riftmaker. When Teemo bought at least these three pieces in his build, he performed significantly better when facing Akshan than with most other commonly used builds.


5.8 | Teemo Akshan | 8.3


6.5 | Teemo Akshan | 7


6.2 | Teemo Akshan | 5.7

Meilleurs runes pour Teemo pour contrer Akshan

Moisson noire Rune Moisson noire
Coup bas Rune Coup bas
Arracheur d'œil Rune Arracheur d'œil
Chasseur ultime Rune Chasseur ultime
Concentration absolue Rune Concentration absolue
Tempête menaçante Rune Tempête menaçante
To have the best probability of annihilating Akshan as Teemo, you should use the Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, Ultimate Hunter, Absolute Focus, and Gathering Storm runes. Of all the runes players chose for Teemo vs Akshan face-offs, this blending of runes yielded the highest win rate. We have also included the top Akshan runes to counterpick against Teemo in order to help you grasp how they will likely be built against your champion.

Runes Akshan Will Likely Use to Counter Teemo

Attaque soutenue Rune Attaque soutenue
Présence d'esprit Rune Présence d'esprit
Légende : sangsue Rune Légende : sangsue
Baroud d'honneur Rune Baroud d'honneur
Ruée offensive Rune Ruée offensive
Chasseur vorace Rune Chasseur vorace

Teemo vs Akshan Counter Stats Summary

The stats shown here highlight some significant Teemo vs. Akshan matchup stats that may help you appreciate the distinctions between the two. Teemo’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of 1.8 is close to Akshan’s KDA ratio of 2.0, showing that Teemo may be just as central to his team's team fighting capacity than Akshan.

Teemo typically has a significant smaller longest kill spree than his foe does. Typically, Teemo takes a similar amount of damage to Akshan. This typically indicates different amounts of tankyness; however, it can also hint that the one champion has less mobility and thus is unable to escape additional harm when poked or engaged.

In Teemo vs Akshan matchups, Teemo typically takes a similar amount of CS than Akshan. Champions that do not get much CS usually do not have to have much CS to be useful. They are capable of scaling fully off of their abilities alone. Yet, champs with a lot of CS, such as hyper-carries, typically need a lot of items to be effective. In either situation, try to outperform the values shown here to do well.

If you need to get Teemo vs Akshan tips and counter stats for a a distinct division, feel free to select one from the selection menu providedabove. At first, the statistics and build suggestions given are calculated using every game run with these champs.

La plus grande série de kill

2.5 | Teemo Akshan | 3.5

Dégâts infligés

22,321 | Teemo Akshan | 18,370

Dégâts subis

19,031 | Teemo Akshan | 20,593

Or gagné

10,786 | Teemo Akshan | 11,619

Minions tués

128 | Teemo Akshan | 132

Tourelles détruites

5.5 | Teemo Akshan | 5.1

Dragons tués

2 | Teemo Akshan | 2

Barons tués

0.4 | Teemo Akshan | 0.4

Inhibiteurs détruits

1 | Teemo Akshan | 0.9

Teemo vs Akshan Matchup Summary

We calculate our counter statistics from the millions of recently ranked League of Legends games that we analyze each and every week. This Teemo against Akshan matchup review came out of an analysis of 31,065 ranked matches where both champions opposed each other.

This counter pairing is relatively common. Teemo fights Akshan in 18.7% of his matches. Teemo does a great job of beating Akshan. Normally, he wins a terrific 54.0% of matches the champs fight each other in. In Teemo versus Akshan games, Teemo’s team is 3.0% less expected to get first blood. This indicates that he probably won't get first blood against Akshan.

How We Analyze Our Matchups

For this counter guide, we analyzed 31,065 Teemo vs Akshan matchups from recent LoL games. We use rigorous data cleaning and processing methods to ensure that our counter stats are of the highest quality. You can rest assured that the recommended build to counter Akshan as Teemo comes from real data and is not the fabrication of some random LoL player, as some other sites provide. You can use the filters at the top of the page to view the most relevant stats and items to your rank.