Comment créer une synergie entre Shyvana et Bel'Veth dans la même équipe ? Shyvana is in the b tier of champions

Shyvana avec Bel'Veth

Comment gagner avec Shyvana et Bel'Veth ? jumelés ensemble Bel'Veth is in the a tier of champions
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Comment mettre en synergie Shyvana et Bel'Veth ?

basé sur 246 jeux avec Shyvana et Bel'Veth
48 %
0,6 %

Comment nous analysons les paires de champions dans LoL

We pull the stats from from millions of LoL rounds straight from Riot Games each and every week. Shyvana has gone into battle with Bel'Veth in 246 recently played, ranked matches. By gathering so much relevant data directly from the publishers of League of Legends, we feel confident that we can provide you with robust, accurate builds to help Shyvana synergize with Bel'Veth. It is very rare for Shyvana to play with Bel'Veth as allies. This has only happened in approximately 0.6% of matches with Shyvana.

Shyvana Bel'Veth Résumé de la synergie

Unfortunately, Shyvana does a poor job of teaming up with Bel'Veth. Usually, she wins a dismal 48.0% of matches the champs fight alongside one another. If you want to maximize your potential as Shyvana when fighting on the same team as Bel'Veth by figuring out how to better synergize your play style with them, then look into the full build (with items, runes, summoner spells, and skills) below!

Meilleure Build pour mettre en synergie Shyvana et Bel'Veth


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Objets de base de Shyvana

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Moissonneur nocturneCoiffe de RabadonSceptre de Rylai

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Première compétence pour Shyvana à monter de niveau e
Deuxième capacité pour Shyvana de monter de niveau w
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Domination Moisson noire Ruée offensiveArracheur d'œilChasseur acharné
Sorcellerie Concentration absolueTempête menaçante
Attack Speed Adaptive Force Armor
Shyvana's passive ability p
Shyvana q ability q
Shyvana w ability w
Shyvana e ability e
Shyvana's ultimate ability r

Guide de la synergie entre Shyvana et Bel'Veth.

Conseils pour jouer en tant que Shyvana avec Bel'Veth

Souffle de flammes est très utile contre les adversaires difficiles sur votre voie.

Les compétences de Shyvana profitent des attaques qu'elle lance sur les unités. Les objets améliorant la vitesse d'attaque sont très précieux pour elle.

Combustion est idéale pour jungler. Les monstres sont affectés pendant toute sa durée et le gain de vitesse facilite les ganks.

Acheter un objet pouvant ralentir les ennemis peut s'avérer utile : Maillet gelé, Plaque du mort ou Entropie.

Shyvana Bel'Veth Statistiques de synergie

Shyvana Image
Win Rate
48 %
Win Rate
52 %
Bel'Veth Image
< Kills >
< Deaths >
< Assists >
< Killing Sprees >
< Minions Killed >
< Dragons Killed >
< Inhibitors >
4 769
< Physical Damage >
3 648
15 766
< Magic Damage >
16 546
< True Damage >
1 304
21 469
< Damage Dealt >
21 499
28 155
< Damage Taken >
32 702
11 688
< Gold Earned >
12 336
< Towers >
< Baron Takedowns >
5 232
< Total Healing >
10 505
14 078
< Experience >
14 207
< Vision Score >
< Wards Placed >
< Time Dealing CC >

Comment jouer avec Bel'Veth dans le rôle de Shyvana dans LoL

The Shyvana Bel'Veth synergy stats shown here demonstrate the areas of her gameplay that do better (or worse) when paired with Bel'Veth, compared to her overall stats. Significant differences are areas of focus that highlight how her gameplay changes when paired with this other champion.

Overall, Shyvana sees a large worsening in her KDA (ratio of kills and assists to deaths) when paired with Bel'Veth. His KDA decreased from NaN to NaN. This decrease shows that Bel'Veth helps Shyvana perform worse in competitive LoL games. Yet, the small difference proves that this performance change is only marginal.

When Shyvana is paired with Bel'Veth, she observes a barely noticable drop in her full damage output. This may demonstrate that Bel'Veth does not help protection for her to dish out more damage or that their allyship also helps increase the match's duration. Similarly, when Shyvana is played with Bel'Veth on the same team, he usually scores many fewer killing sprees than when she plays without Bel'Veth. This is contrasting evidence that she is worse when playing with Bel'Veth.

Additionally, when Shyvana plays with Bel'Veth on the same team, she typically receives much less damage than when she fights alone. Receiving not as much damage could indicate that Bel'Veth does a decent job of protecting Shyvana in team fights.

Synergies entre Shyvana et Bel'Veth

Comparaison des types de dommages}

Shyvana avec Bel'Veth
Dommage physique
Dommage physique
Dommage Pur

Les styles de jeu des champions contrastés


Est-ce que Shyvana est meilleur quand il joue avec Bel'Veth ?

There is no ideal champion pairing for Shyvana that will always be her best synergy. Yet, Bel'Veth is a not very good ally for Shyvana. By playing on the same team as Shyvana, they lowers their win rate by -2.4% to 48.0%. This clearly indicates that there is a harmful synergy between Shyvana and Bel'Veth that allows them to perform worse together than without each other.

Bel'Veth has a much greater difficulty compared to Shyvana. That means you must be very careful when lining up Bel'Veth comrades to go into battle on the same side as, as they will have to have a much greater level of skill to fight well with you.

Working alongside, you should expect to witness an overall large increase in your team’s ability to dish out massive AD. When paired, these two can tear through the other team with a lot of physcial damage.

Conversely, by pairing Shyvana and Bel'Veth together, you may not be giving your side a great deal of crowd control. We recommend you have other champions on your team that fills this disparity in this pairing's kit.

Regardless of your Bel'Veth ally's skill level, you should focus on maximizing your income, outlasting your enemies, and clearing objectives. If you heed this simple advice, you will do well anyway.

Informations supplémentaires pour Shyvana Joueurs

Comment nous avons calculé notre Shyvana Bel'Veth Synergy Build et Stats

Pour ce guide sur l'association de Shyvana et Bel'Veth, nous avons analysé 246 matchs classés et récents de League of Legends. Nous effectuons un nettoyage avancé des données et utilisons des méthodes statistiques pour garantir que nos statistiques de synergie d'équipe sont précises et fiables. Vous pouvez être sûr que le build que nous vous recommandons pour associer Shyvana et Bel'Veth provient de données réelles et n'est pas l'invention d'un joueur de LoL aléatoire, comme le proposent d'autres sites. Vous pouvez utiliser les filtres en haut de la page pour afficher les statistiques et les builds les plus pertinents de votre division.

Autres ressources utiles

De nouvelles idées pour gagner avec ce duo de champions

If you would like to learn all of the intricacies of Shyvana in order to work well with Bel'Veth during both the early game and mid / late game phases of League of Legends rounds, you should continue reading to master some more tricks and insights into this champion pairing. If you listen to the build and suggestions shown here, you should increase your win rate by a lot.

The ideal finished items to include in your Shyvana and Bel'Veth synergy build include Moissonneur nocturne, Coiffe de Rabadon, and Sceptre de Rylai. When Shyvana included at least these three items in her build, she did a lot better as an ally of Bel'Veth than with many other commonly used builds. In fact, Shyvana had an average winrate of 48.0% helping carry Bel'Veth with these items in her kit.

To have the highest probability of defeating your oponents, Shyvana players should use the Moisson noire, Ruée offensive, Arracheur d'œil, Chasseur acharné, Concentration absolue, and Tempête menaçante runes from the Domination and Sorcellerie rune sets. Out of all the rune sets we have analyed for Shyvana and Bel'Veth pairings, this sequence of runes yielded the greatest win rate. Notably, these runes provided a 48.0% winrate overall.

If you would like to view Shyvana with Bel'Veth synergy tips and builds for a a particular skill level, please select one from the selection menu shown above. If viewing for the first time, the statistics and build suggestions given are computed using every game run with both champs.