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These champ stats were determined using 300.964 recently played, ranked Xin Zhao matches. MOBA Champion pulls ranked match summaries directly from Riot's own database. Having a large number of League of Legends games to evaluate gives us great confidence in our capability to give you precise Xin Zhao stats. Across all games, Xin Zhao did perform very well, with an above average win rate of 51.3%.

Xin Zhao has been picked a lot in recent ranked League matches. In the current meta, his popularity is 9.9%. Most League players see him as a threat. He has been banned in roughly 18.1% of League of Legends rounds.

Xin Zhao Win-Rate mit der Zeit

Thanks to Xin Zhao's K/D/A and utility, he has a pretty good overall win rate. He does very well in the late game, with a winrate of NaN% in that phase. Unfortunately, he does poorest in the late game, where Xin Zhao's win rate is NaN%., The difference between his best and worst game phases is a large NaN%. This large difference shows us that his power spikes and fades in different phases of the match. Plan accordingly.

Xin Zhao Position Statistiken

Beliebtheit: 2.1%
Win-Rate: 45.7%
Beliebtheit: 94.3%
Win-Rate: 51.3%
Beliebtheit: 3%
Win-Rate: 50.9%
Beliebtheit: 0.2%
Win-Rate: 46.8%
Beliebtheit: 0.3%
Win-Rate: 43.9%

Xin Zhao Statistiken und Meta

Xin Zhao is played mostly in the jungle position. This occurs in [object Object]% of his matches. Jungle Xin Zhao also has the highest win rate ([object Object]%) of all positions. Currently, Xin Zhao's meta game is focused on dealing damage. Specifically, his gameplay should mainly be centered around physical damage. Furthermore, he is a decent tank champ. Supporting others and crowd control are the least important part of Xin Zhao’s build.

You should anticipate having to dedicate only a little bit of time practicing and learning to pick up Xin Zhao. Most League players believe he is an easy champion to get good at. Xin Zhao mostly does physical damage (87% of his total damage). He doesn't deal a lot of other damage types and should not be played as hybrid damage dealer..

Xin Zhao deals a decent amount of damage during a regular ranked match (16.891 damage). You may want to focus on developing him as a damage dealing champion to destroy your opponents.


Xin Zhao Spielstil



Xin Zhao ist ein entschlossener Krieger, der der Lichtschild-Dynastie gegenüber loyal ist. Einst kämpfte er in den verdammten Schlachtgruben von Noxus in unzähligen Gladiatorenkämpfen ums pure Überleben, doch als er von demacianischen Truppen befreit...

He is a powerful damage dealer in the game with 6.6 kills on average each game. That is one of the highest kill rates among all jungles. Furthermore, he has a fairly high average champion death rate (6.2 deaths). Moreover, Xin Zhao has an average KDA ratio (2.3) with 7.8 assists.

Basis Xin Zhao Statistiken

Leben 570 - 570
Mana 274 - 274
Angriffsschaden 63 - 63
Reichweite 345
Rüstung 35 - 35
Magieresistenz 32 - 32
Lauftempo 345
Energieart Mana


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