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To generate these Yuumi stats, we reviewed 140,830 recent ranked League of Legends matches with her chosen. MOBA Champion pulls competitive game summaries directly from Riot's servers. This gives us great confidence in our Yuumi stats. She didn't do a great job in recent games. She has an average win rate of 49.4%.

Yuumi has been used somewhat often in recent ranked League of Legends rounds. In the current meta, her popularity is 4.7%. Some players see her as a threat. She has been banned in about 6.2% of LoL matches.

She is a weak damage dealer on the Rift with 2 kills on average each round. That is the 27th highest kill count amongst all supports. (There are 29 total champions that are most commonly picked for in the support position.) Moreover, she has a somewhat below average death rate with an average of 4 deaths per League of Legends game (29th out of all supports). Additionally, Yuumi's KDA is typically very high with an average KDA ratio of 4.3 as well as 15 assists per match. This is the 1st top assist count amongst support champions.

Yuumi Win-Rate mit der Zeit

Our calculated overall Yuumi win rate is the 24th highest amongst supports. She is most dominating in the late phase of the game with a 51.9% win rate in that phase. In comparison, she has a 48.5% win rate in the early phase and a 49.4% win rate overall. There is a moderate difference between these Yuumi win rates (3.4%). This sizeable difference makes it clear that her power spikes and fades in different parts of the game. Plan accordingly.

Yuumi Position Statistiken

Beliebtheit: 1.2%
Win-Rate: 42%
Beliebtheit: 0.8%
Win-Rate: 42%
Beliebtheit: 4%
Win-Rate: 50%
Beliebtheit: 3%
Win-Rate: 52%
Beliebtheit: 91%
Win-Rate: 50%

Yuumi Statistiken und Meta

You will see her typically used in the support position. The highest win rate position for Yuumi is support (49.5%). At this time, Yuumi's meta game is centered around utility and support. Specifically, her kit should mainly be centered around team fights. Furthermore, she is a decent tank champ. Tanking is the least important part of Yuumi’s kit.

If you are not used to Yuumi’s abilities and tactics, you won't find it difficult picking her up for the first time. Most players consider her to not be a challenging champion to master. Yuumi mostly does magical damage (82% of her total damage). She doesn't deal a significant amount of physical damage and shouldn't be played as a hybrid damage dealer.

Yuumi deals only a little damage in a regular ranked match (7,608 damage). You probably shouldn't focus on building her as a damage dealing champ to crush your opponents.Instead, you should dedicate yourself to supporting your teammates to beat your enemy.

Yuumi Spielstil


Basis Yuumi Statistiken

Leben 480 - 1670
Mana 400 - 1165
Angriffsschaden 55 - 107.7
Reichweite 500
Rüstung 25 - 76
Magieresistenz 25 - 30.1
Lauftempo 330
Energieart Mana


A magical cat from Bandle City, Yuumi was once the familiar of a yordle enchantress, Norra. When her master mysteriously disappeared, Yuumi became the Keeper of Norra's sentient Book of Thresholds, traveling through portals in its pages to search for...


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