Counters de Amumu

LoL Amumu Counters y mejores compañeros de equipo

Los mejores campeones de LoL para sinergizar y contrarrestar a Amumu

202,251 Amumu Counters y emparejamientos analizados

We determined the best and worst Amumu counters using stats extract from 202.251 ranked League games. We have figured out those champions with the best and worse rates of victory against him. Additionally, we have calculated which champions can be great allies to to get more wins.

As can be seen above, Trundle is the strongest to face off against Amumu with a 49.9% win rate against him. Similarly, Maestro Yi and Jarvan IV are the next largest counters to Amumu. These two champs have win rates of 49.5% and 49.5%, respectively. You should avoid taking him into a round where one of these other champions has been selected.

Conversely, if you are playing against Lee Sin, you probably should anticipate doing much better. Amumu counters them with a solid win rate of 55.6%. Likewise, you can anticipate doing very well when facing Viego and Evelynn. They have the next poorest win rates when countering Amumu.

If you are interested in great champion pairings for your own teammates to increase your winrate even further, take a peek at at the Amumu synergies below.

Sinergias de Amumu

Regardless of his chosen position, he does admirably when paired with Brand. This combination typically raises his chances of winning by a few percent. Irelia and Zyra are also great champs to pair with.


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Cada semana revisamos millones de partidas de League of Legends sacadas directamente de los servidores de Riot. Analizamos los datos usando tanto estadísticas convencionales como algoritmos avanzados de aprendizaje automático para obtener los counters de Amumu más precisos.

Guía para contrarrestar a Amumu

  • No te agrupes cuando Amumu tenga su definitiva disponible. Si lo haces, aturdirá a todo tu equipo a la vez. En la última etapa del juego, eso puede ser el fin del juego.
  • Para contrarrestar a Amumu, no priorices los objetos primarios de vida debido a la pasiva de Amumu.
  • La Q de Amumu es excelente para iniciar peleas, pero golpea al primer objetivo en línea. Permanecer detrás de los súbditos o de los tanques de tu equipo te ayudará a contrarrestar a Amumu y su fuerte CC.
  • Amumu contrarresta la mayoría de los carry. Tiene mucha vida, hace un daño decente, puede divear la línea de fondo y tiene un CC duro masivo.