Counters de Azir

LoL Azir Counters y mejores compañeros de equipo

Los mejores campeones de LoL para sinergizar y contrarrestar a Azir

39,380 Azir Counters y emparejamientos analizados

We determined the best and worst Azir counters with info extract from 39.380 ranked League of Legends matches. We have determined the champions with the highest and lowest rates of victory when facing him. Furthermore, we found which champions can serve as great allies to help you win more League games.

As can be seen above, Ekko is the best challenger for Azir with a 57.8% win fraction against him. Similarly, Ahri and Veigar are the next scariest counters to Azir. These two have win rates of 57.0% and 56.9%, respectively. You should avoid taking him into a round where one of these other champions has been picked.

Conversely, if you are playing against Ryze, you should anticipate doing much better. Azir counters them with a much better win rate of 49.9%. Equally, you should expect to do very well when facing Sylas and Anivia. These champs have the next lowest win rates versus Azir.

If you are looking for great champ synergies for your own comrades to advance your winrate even further, glance at our champion synergies.

Sinergias de Azir

Regardless of his chosen position, he does best when alongside Trundle. This combination usually raises his average win rate by a few percent. Nocturne and Maestro Yi are also fantastic champions to fight alongside.

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Cada semana revisamos millones de partidas de League of Legends sacadas directamente de los servidores de Riot. Analizamos los datos usando tanto estadísticas convencionales como algoritmos avanzados de aprendizaje automático para obtener los counters de Azir más precisos.

Guía para contrarrestar a Azir

  • No te acerques a los soldados de arena de Azir. Causarán una tonelada de daño por hostigamiento.
  • Puedes interrumpir las Arenas movedizas poniéndote en medio de la trayectoria del dash, pero intenta que tu tanque lo haga porque inflige daño y gana un escudo cuando se interrumpe la habilidad.
  • Puedes ayudar a obtener un pequeño impulso de oro para vencer a Azir destruyendo sus torres convocadas. También otorgan oro por matar.