Counters de Kassadin

LoL Kassadin Counters y mejores compañeros de equipo

Los mejores campeones de LoL para sinergizar y contrarrestar a Kassadin

105,518 Kassadin Counters y emparejamientos analizados

To determine the best and worst counters for Kassadin, we summarized the scores of 105.518 recently finished, ranked League of Legends matches. We found which champions have the highest and lowest win rates against him. Additionally, we calculated those select champions that are solid teammates and who could help prevent your champion from being countered. Having checked so many games leaves us with lots of faith in our conclusions.

As can be seen above, Zed is the strongest to face off against Kassadin with a 53.7% win percentage against him. Close behind, Talon and Irelia are the next biggest counters to Kassadin. They have win rates of 53.6% and 53.3%, respectively. You should avoid taking him into a match where one of these other champs has already been picked.

Conversely, if you are battling against Akali, you can anticipate doing much better. Kassadin counters them with a solid win rate of 53.2%. Similarly, you should expect to do very well when facing Katarina and Vladimir. These champs have the next lowest winrates versus Kassadin.

If you want good champion synergies for your own teammates to advance your winrate more, take a peek at at the champion synergies below.

Sinergias de Kassadin

Regardless of his chosen position, he does best when alongside Draven. This pairing usually increases his chances of winning by a few percent. Camille and Yuumi are also superb champions to pair with.


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Cada semana revisamos millones de partidas de League of Legends sacadas directamente de los servidores de Riot. Analizamos los datos usando tanto estadísticas convencionales como algoritmos avanzados de aprendizaje automático para obtener los counters de Kassadin más precisos.

Guía para contrarrestar a Kassadin

  • Kassadin es débil contra los primeros ganks. Para contrarrestar a Kassadin, coordina un gank de tu jungler o apoyo para asegurarte de que tenga poco farm al principio. Kassadin puede crecer fuera de control.
  • Si Kassadin entra en una pelea de equipo temprano, enfócalo con inhabilitaciones rápidamente. Con su alta movilidad y sus defensas de AP, Kassadin contrarresta a muchos campeones que dependen de los disparos de habilidad.