Counters de Kha'Zix

LoL Kha'Zix Counters y mejores compañeros de equipo

Los mejores campeones de LoL para sinergizar y contrarrestar a Kha'Zix

279,559 Kha'Zix Counters y emparejamientos analizados

To determine the greatest and worst counters for Kha'Zix, we examined the outcomes of 279.559 recently completed, ranked League of Legends matches. We found which champions have the best and worst win rates against him. Furthermore, we isolated those rare champs that are good allies and who could help stop your champ from being countered. Having evaluated so many rounds provides us great confidence in our conclusions.

As shown above, Amumu is the strongest to beat Kha'Zix with a 52.8% win fraction against him. Similarly, Warwick and Nocturne are the next scariest counters to Kha'Zix. They have win rates of 52.8% and 52.6%, respectively. You should avoid bringing him into a round where any of these other champs has been selected.

On the other hand, if you're facing off against Evelynn, you can anticipate doing much better. Kha'zix counters them with a solid win percentage of 51.9%. Likewise, you can expect to do very well when fighting Hecarim and Ekko. These champs have the next worst win rates when countering Kha'Zix.

If you want the best champ pairings for your own comrades to increase your win rate even further, take a peek at at the Kha'Zix synergies below.

Sinergias de Kha'Zix

Regardless of his chosen position, he does best when on the same team as Zyra. This pairing typically increases his chances of winning by a few percent. Ziggs and Brand are also fantastic champs to team up with.


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Cada semana revisamos millones de partidas de League of Legends sacadas directamente de los servidores de Riot. Analizamos los datos usando tanto estadísticas convencionales como algoritmos avanzados de aprendizaje automático para obtener los counters de Kha'Zix más precisos.

Guía para contrarrestar a Kha'Zix

  • Nunca te enfrentes a un Kha'Zix alimentado sin tener unidades aliadas cerca. Khazix contrarresta a los campeones merodeadores y a los campeones de empuje dividido porque su habilidad Saborear su miedo inflige más daño a los campeones aislados.
  • Como el Salto y el Asalto al vacío son los escapes de Kha'Zix, intenta atacar cuando estas habilidades estén en enfriamiento.