League of Legends Champion Volibear Volibear fait partie du groupe de champions b


Fighter Tank
Volibear est un fighter Rôle fighter
Difficulté Easy
Pic de puissance Early-Game
Tempête impitoyable ability p
Coup fulgurant ability q
Folie mutilatrice ability w
Foudroiement ability e
Tempête incarnée ability r

Taux de victoire et statistiques de Volibear

sur la base de 56 542 matchs
50,6 %
6,3 %
% de ban
1,2 %

Comment nous analysons nos données

Nous passons au peigne fin des millions de matchs de League of Legends directement issus des serveurs de Riot chaque semaine et analysons les données à l'aide d'algorithmes avancés afin de vous fournir les statistiques de Volibear les plus précises en ligne. Nous analysons les données par niveau, afin que vous puissiez trouver le taux de victoire des Volibear et les autres statistiques les plus pertinentes.

Résumé des statistiques et taux de victoire de Volibear

These champ stats were computed using 56 542 recently played, ranked Volibear games. We pull competitive match data directly from Riot's own database. Having so many League matches to evaluate gives us a lot of confidence in our ability to provide accurate Volibear stats. Across all rounds, he did perform very well, with an average win rate of 50.6%.

Taux de victoire au fil du temps de Volibear

Thanks to Volibear's K/D/A and utility, he has a fairly average overall win rate. He does very well in the early game, with a winrate of 51.5% in that phase. Unfortunately, he does very poorly in the mid game, where Volibear's winrate is 50.1%., The difference between his best and worst game phases is only 1.4%. This small difference shows us that his power is consistent during an entire game.

Style de jeu de Volibear

Types de dommages de Volibear

Dommage physique
Dommage physique
Dommage Pur

La légende de Volibear

Pour ceux qui le vénèrent encore, Volibear est l'incarnation de la tempête. Destructeur, sauvage et déterminé, il existait bien avant que les mortels n'arpentent la toundra de Freljord ; désormais, il défend férocement les terres qu'il a créées avec sa...

Statistiques de base de Volibear

650 - 2418
350 - 1540
60 -
31 - 119
Résistance à la magie
32 - 67
Type d'énergie
Regen de la Santé
9 - 21.8
Regen de la Mana
6.25 - 14.8
Portée de l'attaque
Coup critique
0 - 0
Vitesse de déplacement
Vitesse d'attaque
0.63 - 0.84

Statistiques de Volibear contre d'autres fighter

Volibear Image
Win Rate
50,6 %
Win Rate
49,9 %
fighter Symbol
< Kills >
< Deaths >
< Assists >
< First Blood >
< First Tower >
< Time Dealing CC >
15 811
< Damage Dealt >
18 743
33 216
< Damage Taken >
33 570
11 345
< Gold Earned >
12 106
< Inhibitors >
< Towers >
< Killing Sprees >
9 470
< Physical Damage >
11 394
5 142
< Magic Damage >
5 679
1 199
< True Damage >
1 670
< Minions Killed >
< Vision Score >
< Wards Placed >
< Wards Killed >
< Vision Wards >

Résumé des statistiques de Volibear (suite)

Volibear has been used a lot in recent ranked League of Legends rounds. In the current meta, his popularity is 6.3%. Hardly anyone sees him as a threat. He has only been banned in approximately 1.2% of LoL rounds.

Volibear is played mostly in the jungle position. This happens in 51,3% of his games. Jungle Volibear also has the highest win rate (50,6%) of all positions. At this time, Volibear's meta game is centered around dealing damage. Specifically, his gameplay should primarily be focused on physical damage. Moreover, he is a decent tank champ. Dealing magical damage is the least significant part of Volibear’s kit.

If you are not used to his skills and tactics, you will not find it difficult trying him out for the first time. Most competitors consider him to not be a difficult champion to pick up. Volibear primarily causes physical damage (60% of his total damage). He also deals a significant amount of magic damage.

Volibear deals a decent amount of damage over the course of a normal game (15 811 damage). You could focus on developing him as a powerful champion to smash your enemies.

He is an average damage dealer in the game with 5.8 kills on average per match. That is one of the highest kill rates amongst all jungles. Additionally, he has a fairly typical average champion death rate (5.7 deaths). Moreover, Volibear has a high KDA ratio (2.5) with 8.6 assists.

Additional Information for Volibear Players

How to Use these Stats to Improve your Winrate

The best Volibear players know who their champion is, and they adapt their gameplay around their champion's playstyle. Volibear is great at many things, but not everything. By focusing more on accentuating your strengths than filling in your weaknesses, you are more likely to win your next game of League of Legends.

Furthermore, you should know when your champion spikes in power in order to be prepared and take advantage of your powerful position while it lasts. Not all LoL champions are strong throughout the entire game length. Some grow in power while others fade. Some start strong and fall off completely in the late game. Volibear is best in the early game.

Pay attention to the stats comparison shown above, which compares Volibear against all other champions. You can see their strengths and weaknesses relative to others of the same champion type. You can either try to overcome some of the weaknesses, or you can work to strengthen their talents.

We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week and analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Volibear stats online. We analyze the data by tier, so you can find the most relevant Volibear win rate and other stats.