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Comment créer une synergie entre Dr. Mundo et Lillia dans la même équipe ?Dr. Mundo is in the a tier of champions

Dr. Mundo with Lillia

Comment gagner avec Dr. Mundo et Lillia ? jumelés ensembleDr. Mundo is in the s tier of champions

Comment mettre en synergie Dr. Mundo et Lillia ?

basé sur 4 408 jeux avec Dr. Mundo et Lillia
56,4 %
5,6 %

Comment nous analysons les paires de champions dans LoL

At MOBA Champion, we pull data from from millions of League of Legends games directly from Riot Games each and every week. Dr. Mundo has gone into battle with Lillia in 4408 recent, ranked matches. By accumulating so much complete data from the makers of LoL, we are sure that we can produce robust, insightful builds to help Dr. Mundo play with Lillia. It is somewhat uncommon for Dr. Mundo to play with Lillia on the same side. This has only occurred in approx. 5.6% of games with Dr. Mundo.

Dr. Mundo Lillia Résumé de la synergie

Dr. Mundo does a great job of fighting on the same side as Lillia. Normally, he wins a fantastic 56.4% of rounds the champions try and work together in. If you want to play better as Dr. Mundo when playing alongside Lillia by learning how to better synergize your strategy with her, then review the full build (with items, runes, summoner spells, and skills) below!

Meilleure Build pour les matchs avec Dr. Mundo vs Lillia


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Bouclier de DoranPotion de soin

Objets suivants

~5 Mins
Ceinture du géantBracelet cristallin

Objets de base de Dr. Mundo

~22 Mins
CœuracierHydre titanesqueRayonnement du vide

Articles facultatifs

Désespoir infiniVisage spirituelPrésage de RanduinRookern kaénique

Summoner Spells

summonerhaste summoner spell D
summonerteleport summoner spell F

Ordre de compétence

Première compétence pour Dr. Mundo à monter de niveauq
Deuxième capacité pour Dr. Mundo de monter de niveaue
Dernière compétence pour Dr. Mundo à maximiserw


VolontéPoigne de l'immortelDémolitionSecond souffleSurcroissance
InspirationChaussures magiquesVitesse d'approche
Attack SpeedHealth ScalingHealth Scaling
Dr. Mundo's passive ability p
Dr. Mundo's q ability q
Dr. Mundo's w ability w
Dr. Mundo's e ability e
Dr. Mundo's ultimate ability r

Guide de la synergie entre Dr. Mundo et Lillia.

Conseils pour jouer en tant que Dr. Mundo avec Lillia

Couperet souillé est très utile pour tuer les monstres neutres. Au lieu de rentrer à la base, éliminez-les en boucle jusqu'à pouvoir vous soigner avec votre ultime.

Utiliser Sadisme au bon moment peut pousser les champions ennemis à vous attaquer, même quand ils ne sont pas assez forts pour vous éliminer.

Visage spirituel améliore les soins prodigués par votre ultime et réduit le délai de récupération des capacités.

Dr. Mundo Lillia Statistiques de synergie

Dr. Mundo Image
56,4 %
43,6 %
Lillia Image
< kills >
< deaths >
< assists >
< killingSprees >
< cs >
< dragons >
< inhibitors >
9 458
< physicalDamage >
8 947
14 146
< magicDamage >
14 155
< trueDamage >
24 056
< damageDealt >
23 628
47 331
< damageTaken >
47 171
11 629
< goldEarned >
11 445
< towers >
< barons >
14 449
< heal >
15 706
15 030
< xp >
14 843
< visionScore >
< wardsPlaced >
< ccTime >

Comment jouer avec Lillia dans le rôle de Dr. Mundo dans LoL

The Dr. Mundo Lillia synergy stats shown here demonstrate the areas of his gameplay that do better (or worse) when paired with Lillia, compared to his overall stats. Significant differences are areas of focus that highlight how his gameplay changes when paired with this other champion.

Overall, Dr. Mundo sees a large worsening in his KDA (ratio of kills and assists to deaths) when paired with Lillia. His KDA went down from NaN to NaN. This negative change shows that Lillia helps Dr. Mundo perform not as well in competitive LoL matches. Yet, the small difference demonstrates that this performance change is not very impactful.

When Dr. Mundo is an ally to Lillia, he gets a little increase in his complete damage dealt. This difference could demonstrate that Lillia supports by providing protection for him to deal more damage or that her participation also helps extend the game's duration. Similarly, when Dr. Mundo is played with Lillia on the same team, he usually scores many fewer killing sprees than when he plays without Lillia. This is contrasting evidence that he is worse when playing synergisticly with Lillia.

Additionally, when Dr. Mundo plays with Lillia on the same team, he usually receives a little more damage than when he plays alone. Receiving more damage could indicate that Lillia does a poor job of protecting Dr. Mundo during team fights.

Synergies entre Dr. Mundo et Lillia

Comparaison des types de dommages

Dr. Mundo
Dommage physique
Dommage physique
Dommage Pur

Les styles de jeu des champions contrastés

Dr. Mundo

Est-ce que Dr. Mundo est meilleur quand il joue avec Lillia ?

There is no ideal synergy for Dr. Mundo that will always be his best ally. However, overall, Lillia is a fantastic companion for Dr. Mundo. By playing on the same side as Dr. Mundo, she improves their win rate by 5.3% to 56.4%. This clearly indicates that there is an important strategic relationship between Dr. Mundo and Lillia that results in them performing better together than without each other.

Lillia has a greater difficulty than Dr. Mundo. That means you should be careful when arranging Lillia comrades to play with, as they will have to have a greater level of skill to do well with you.

Playing cooperatively, Dr. Mundo players should expect to see an overall large increase in your team’s capacity to deal magic damage. Combined, these two can deal quite a lot of AP type damage.

In contrast, by pairing Dr. Mundo and Lillia together, you will not be providing your other allies very much attack damage. Make sure to have other champions on your team that fills this gap in this pairing's playstyle.

Regardless of your Lillia ally's skill level, you should focus on maximizing your income, warding to avoid ambushes, and taking down objectives. If you do this, you should do well anyway.

Informations supplémentaires pour Dr. Mundo Joueurs

Comment nous avons calculé notre Dr. Mundo Lillia Synergy Build et Stats

Pour ce guide sur l'association de Dr. Mundo et Lillia, nous avons analysé 4 408 matchs classés et récents de League of Legends. Nous effectuons un nettoyage avancé des données et utilisons des méthodes statistiques pour garantir que nos statistiques de synergie d'équipe sont précises et fiables. Vous pouvez être sûr que le build que nous vous recommandons pour associer Dr. Mundo et Lillia provient de données réelles et n'est pas l'invention d'un joueur de LoL aléatoire, comme le proposent d'autres sites. Vous pouvez utiliser les filtres en haut de la page pour afficher les statistiques et les builds les plus pertinents de votre division.

Autres ressources utiles

De nouvelles idées pour gagner avec ce duo de champions

If you would like to learn all of the intricacies of Dr. Mundo in order to pair well with Lillia during both the early game and mid / late game phases of LoL, you should continue reading to master some more lessons on this champion pairing. If you pay attention to the build and suggestions presented here, you should increase your win rate significantly.

The most crucial items to use in your Dr. Mundo and Lillia synergy build consist of Cœuracier, Hydre titanesque, and Rayonnement du vide. When Dr. Mundo combined at least these three items in his build, he did much better as an ally of Lillia than with many other commonly used item sets. In fact, Dr. Mundo boasted an average win rate of 56.4% when synergizing his build and playstyle to Lillia with this build.

To have the greatest probability of crushing your oponents, you should use the Poigne de l'immortel, Démolition, Second souffle, Surcroissance, Chaussures magiques, and Vitesse d'approche runes from the Volonté and Inspiration rune sets. Out of all the rune sets players picked for Dr. Mundo and Lillia pairings, this set of runes resulted in the greatest win rate. Moreover, these runes averaged a 56.4% winrate overall.

If you need to get Dr. Mundo with Lillia collaboration tips and builds for a a particular division, feel free to choose one from the selection menu provided above. If viewing for the first time, the stats and build suggestions given are computed using all games completed with these champs.