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Comment créer une synergie entre Twitch et Braum dans la même équipe ?Twitch is in the a tier of champions

Twitch with Braum

Comment gagner avec Twitch et Braum ? jumelés ensembleTwitch is in the a tier of champions

Comment mettre en synergie Twitch et Braum ?

basé sur 1 852 jeux avec Twitch et Braum
55,8 %
1,2 %

Comment nous analysons les paires de champions dans LoL

Our servers download the stats from from millions of League of Legends games directly from Riot Games each and every week. Twitch has been on the same team as Braum in 1852 recent, competitive matches. By gathering so much accurate data from the hosts of League, we are completely sure that we can showcase robust, insightful builds to help Twitch play with Braum. It is very rare for Twitch to play alongside Braum as allies. This pairing has only happened in about 1.2% of rounds with Twitch.

Twitch Braum Résumé de la synergie

Twitch does a great job of teaming up with Braum. Normally, he wins a terrific 55.8% of the time the champs fight alongside one another. If you want to play better as Twitch when fighting on the same team as Braum by figuring out how to better synergize your tactics with him, then dig into the complete build (with items, runes, summoner spells, and skills) below!

Meilleure Build pour les matchs avec Twitch vs Braum


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Objets suivants

~5 Mins
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Objets de base de Twitch

~22 Mins
Lame d'infiniOuragan de RunaanTueur de krakens

Articles facultatifs

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Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
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Ordre de compétence

Première compétence pour Twitch à monter de niveaue
Deuxième capacité pour Twitch de monter de niveauq
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PrécisionTempo mortelPrésence d'espritLégende : alacritéCoup de grâce
DominationGoût du sangChasseur de trésors
Attack SpeedAdaptive ForceArmor
Twitch's passive ability p
Twitch's q ability q
Twitch's w ability w
Twitch's e ability e
Twitch's ultimate ability r

Guide de la synergie entre Twitch et Braum.

Conseils pour jouer en tant que Twitch avec Braum

Contamination dispose d'une très longue portée ; appliquez autant d'effets Venin mortel que possible avant de l'utiliser.

Vous pouvez rattraper un ennemi hors de portée d'attaque avec Dose de venin.

La vitesse d'attaque de Twitch est une des plus élevées du jeu. Essayez des objets qui appliquent des effets, comme Couperet noir ou Au bout du rouleau.

Conseils pour comprendre comment Braum va jouer jouera

Fissure glaciale laisse une puissante zone de ralentissement. Placez-la de manière à couper les combats d'équipes et à ralentir l'approche ennemie.

Bondissez devant les alliés fragiles et protégez-les contre les projectiles avec Incassable.

Collaborez avec vos alliés pour cumuler des effets Coups étourdissants. Encouragez-les à lancer des attaques de base contre les cibles marquées.

Twitch Braum Statistiques de synergie

Twitch Image
55,8 %
44,2 %
Braum Image
< kills >
< deaths >
< assists >
< killingSprees >
< cs >
< dragons >
< inhibitors >
18 300
< physicalDamage >
16 091
3 690
< magicDamage >
3 405
4 303
< trueDamage >
4 373
26 293
< damageDealt >
23 870
21 252
< damageTaken >
21 811
12 685
< goldEarned >
12 216
< towers >
< barons >
5 434
< heal >
4 894
12 889
< xp >
12 728
< visionScore >
< wardsPlaced >
< ccTime >

Comment jouer avec Braum dans le rôle de Twitch dans LoL

The Twitch Braum synergy stats shown here demonstrate the areas of his gameplay that do better (or worse) when paired with Braum, compared to his overall stats. Significant differences are areas of focus that highlight how his gameplay changes when paired with this other champion.

Overall, Twitch sees a large worsening in his KDA (ratio of kills and assists to deaths) when paired with Braum. His KDA worsened from NaN to NaN. This decrease shows that Braum helps Twitch perform not as well in ranked LoL games. Yet, the small difference shows that this performance change is not very impactful.

When Twitch is paired with Braum, he observes a sizeable uptick in his total damage dealt. This may indicate that Braum supports by providing protection for him to deal more damage or that his allyship also helps extend the round's duration. Similarly, when Twitch is played alongside Braum on the same side, he usually scores many fewer killing sprees compared to when he plays alone. This is contrasting evidence that he is worse when playing with Braum.

Additionally, when Twitch plays with Braum on the same side, he usually takes a little less damage than when he fights alone. Getting dealt not as much damage may indicate that Braum does a decent job of protecting Twitch in teamfights.

Synergies entre Twitch et Braum

Comparaison des types de dommages

Dommage physique
Dommage physique
Dommage Pur

Les styles de jeu des champions contrastés


Est-ce que Twitch est meilleur quand il joue avec Braum ?

There is no top champion pairing for Twitch that will always be his best ally. However, overall, Braum is a great companion for Twitch. By being on the same team as Twitch, he raises their win rate by 5.8% to 55.8%. This signals that there is a very strong strategic relationship between Twitch and Braum that allows them to perform at the top of their game together than without each other.

Braum has a much lower diffuclty than Twitch. That means Twitch players don't need to be careful when lining up Braum allies to go into battle on the same side as, as they will have to have a much lower level of skill to do well with you.

Fighting together, you will likely see an overall large increase in your team’s ability to dish out massive AD. Combined, these two can provide a great amount of sustained physical damage.

In contrast, by grouping Twitch and Braum together, you may not be providing your team a lot of AP. We recommend you have other champs on your team that nullifies this relative hole in this pairing's kit.

Regardless of the skill of your Braum ally, you should focus on maximizing your gold income, warding to avoid ambushes, and clearing objectives. If you do this, you will do well, regardless.

Informations supplémentaires pour Twitch Joueurs

Comment nous avons calculé notre Twitch Braum Synergy Build et Stats

Pour ce guide sur l'association de Twitch et Braum, nous avons analysé 1 852 matchs classés et récents de League of Legends. Nous effectuons un nettoyage avancé des données et utilisons des méthodes statistiques pour garantir que nos statistiques de synergie d'équipe sont précises et fiables. Vous pouvez être sûr que le build que nous vous recommandons pour associer Twitch et Braum provient de données réelles et n'est pas l'invention d'un joueur de LoL aléatoire, comme le proposent d'autres sites. Vous pouvez utiliser les filtres en haut de la page pour afficher les statistiques et les builds les plus pertinents de votre division.

Autres ressources utiles

De nouvelles idées pour gagner avec ce duo de champions

If you would like to learn all of the intricacies of Twitch to pair well with Braum during both the early game and mid / late game phases of League of Legends matches, you should keep reading to learn some more tricks and insights into this champion pairing. If you listen to the build and tips shown above, you will grow your win rate by a lot.

The most crucial finished items to prioritize in your Twitch and Braum synergy build include Lame d'infini, Ouragan de Runaan, and Tueur de krakens. When Twitch used at least these three pieces in his build, he performed a lot better as an ally of Braum than with many other common item sets. In fact, Twitch had an average win rate of 55.8% helping carry Braum with these items in his kit.

To have the best chance of crushing your oponents, Twitch players should take the Tempo mortel, Présence d'esprit, Légende : alacrité, Coup de grâce, Goût du sang, and Chasseur de trésors runes from the Précision and Domination rune sets. Of all the rune builds players picked for Twitch and Braum pairings, this mix of runes resulted in the greatest win rate. Notably, these runes gave a 55.8% winrate overall.

If you need to see Twitch and Braum cooperations tips and stats for a a distinct skill level, feel free to select one from the selection menu above. If viewing for the first time, the statistics and tips and suggestions shown are calculated using all rounds completed with these champs.