Counters de Draven

Counters e melhores parceiros de time para Draven no LoL

Os melhores Campões do LoL para sinergia e counterar Draven

224,823 counters e matchups com Draven analisados

To select the most and least advantageous counters for Draven, we studied the scores of 224.823 recently finished, ranked LoL games. We determined which champions have the greatest and poorest win rates against him. Furthermore, we determined those select champs that are solid teammates and who could help prevent you from being countered. Having summarized so many games provides us lots of faith in our conclusions.

As shown above, Ziggs is the strongest challenger for Draven with a 52.4% victory percentage against him. Close behind, Ashe and Miss Fortune are the next scariest counters to Draven. They have win rates of 51.5% and 51.1%, respectively. You should avoid bringing him into a game where one of these other champions has already been selected.

On the other hand, if you're fighting against Kai'Sa, you can anticipate doing much better. Draven counters them with a very respectable win rate of 53.3%. Similarly, you should anticipate doing very well against Lucian and Aphelios. These champs have the next poorest win rates when countering Draven.

If you want the best champion synergies for your own teammates to advance your chances of winning more, glance at our champion synergies.

Sinergias de Draven

Regardless of his chosen position, he does very well when paired with Blitzcrank. This pairing typically boosts his chances of winning by a few percent. Nami and Brand are also great champs to fight alongside.


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Nós processamos milhões de partidas de League of Legends, extraídas diretamente dos servidores da Riot semanalmente. Analisamos os dados usando algoritmos avançados para oferecer os counters de Draven mais precisos on-line.

Guia para counterar Draven

  • Dê engage em Draven quando ele derrubar seus machados.
  • Se você está retornando base com pouca vida, fique atento para sua Ult.
  • Ele possui um grande power spike cedo no jogo. Draven é forte contra quase qualquer um nos primeiros níveis. Não apresse uma luta precoce, a menos que você tenha um suporte muito bom.