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Estatísticas e taxa de vitória de Senna no LoL

Estatísticas de Campeão e detalhamento de metagame do LoL

305,764 partidas com Senna analisadas

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Taxa de ban


These champ statistics were computed using 305.764 recently played, ranked Senna games. We pull competitive game results directly from Riot's own database. Having so many LoL games to analyze gives us a lot of confidence in our capability to give you precise Senna statistics. She did not do a good job in recent games. She has an average win rate of 49.1%.

In the current meta, Senna is incredibly popular. She has been used in 11.4% of recently ranked rounds. She is often banned during champ select. Obviously, many players see her as a huge threat. In recent ranked rounds, Senna was banned 8.1% of the time.

Taxa de vitória de Senna periodicamente

Thanks to Senna's K/D/A and utility, she has a fairly average overall win rate. She does very well in the late game, with a winrate of NaN% in that phase. Unfortunately, she does worst in the late game, where Senna's win rate is NaN%., The difference between her best and worst game phases is a large NaN%. This sizeable difference indicates that her power spikes and wanes in different phases of the game. Prepare well.

Estatísticas de posição de Senna

Top lane
Popularidade: 1.1%
Taxa de vitória: 47.2%
Popularidade: 0.1%
Taxa de vitória: 28.5%
Mid lane
Popularidade: 0.8%
Taxa de vitória: 45.2%
Bottom lane
Popularidade: 15.3%
Taxa de vitória: 49.7%
Popularidade: 82.7%
Taxa de vitória: 49.1%

Senna Estatísticas e meta

Senna is played mostly in the support position. This happens in [object Object]% of her rounds. Yet, support Senna has the highest win rate ([object Object]%) of all positions but is less popular of a position (played [object Object]% of the time). Currently, Senna's meta game is focused on dealing damage. In particular, her kit should primarily be centered around physical damage. Furthermore, she is a pretty good magical damage dealer champion. Tanking is the least critical part of Senna’s kit.

You should anticipate having to dedicate a decent amount of time practicing and learning to get good with Senna. Many League players consider she is an average difficulty champion to master. Senna mostly deals physical damage (93% of her total damage). She doesn't deal much of other damage types and should not be considered a hybrid damage dealer..

Senna deals a decent amount of damage in a typical game (15.158 damage). You could focus on developing her as a powerful champ to defeat your opponents.


Estilo de jogo de Senna

Tipos de dano


Amaldiçoada desde a infância a ser perseguida pelo fenômeno sobrenatural da Névoa Negra, Senna se juntou à ordem dos Sentinelas da Luz e lutou bravamente contra seu destino. Ela acabou sendo morta e teve sua alma aprisionada em uma lanterna pelo cruel...

She is an average damage dealer on the Rift with 4 kills on average per match. That is one of the lowest kill counts among all supports. 'Moreover, she has a somewhat above average death rate with an average of 6.2 deaths per League of Legends game. Furthermore, Senna has a high KDA ratio (2.6) with 12.2 assists.

Estatísticas base de Senna

Vida 520 - 520
Mana 350 - 350
Dano 50 - 50
Alcance de ataque 330
Armadura 28 - 28
Resistência mágica 30 - 30
Veloc. de movimento 330
Tipo de energia Mana

Análise de dados

Analisamos milhões de partidas do League of Legends extraídas diretamente dos servidores da Riot semanalmente e processamos os dados usando algoritmos avançados para oferecer as estatísticas mais precisas de Senna on-line. Os dados são analisados por tier, de modo que você possa encontrar as taxas de vitória e outras estatísticas mais relevantes de Senna.