Counters de Sion

Counters e melhores parceiros de time para Sion no LoL

Os melhores Campões do LoL para sinergia e counterar Sion

94,103 counters e matchups com Sion analisados

To determine the best and worst counters for Sion, we checked the outcomes of 94.103 recently finished, ranked League of Legends rounds. We found which champs have the highest and lowest win rates versus him. Additionally, we isolated those few that are ideal teammates and who could help stop your champion from being beaten. Having evaluated so many games provides us great confidence in our conclusions.

As shown above, Riven is the best to challenge Sion with a 53.9% win fraction against him. Similarly, Aatrox and Irelia are the next largest counters to Sion. They have win rates of 52.6% and 52.6%, respectively. You should not take him into a match where one of these champs has been selected.

Conversely, if you're playing against Teemo, you can anticipate doing much better. Sion counters them with a great win rate of 53.6%. Equally, you should anticipate doing very well when battling Malphite and Tahm Kench. They have the next lowest winrates when countering Sion.

If you are interested in the best champion synergies for your own allies to raise your victory rate even further, glance at the Sion synergies below.

Sinergias de Sion

Regardless of his lane, he does best when on the same team as Brand. This combination typically boosts his average win rate by a few percent. Master Yi and Zyra are also awesome champs to team up with.


Nossos métodos

To see the details and best Sion counter builds for a specific matchup, you should click the related row in one of the tables above. If you would like any Sion counters that aren’t displayed here, you may click the "All Matchups" button to see them.

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Nós processamos milhões de partidas de League of Legends, extraídas diretamente dos servidores da Riot semanalmente. Analisamos os dados usando algoritmos avançados para oferecer os counters de Sion mais precisos on-line.

Guia para counterar Sion

  • Saia de perto de Sion após abatê-lo porque sua passiva IN GLORIA MORI o permite mitigar dano mesmo após ter morrido.
  • Golpe Demolidor mitiga toneladas de dano então saia de perto quando ele estiver carregando.
  • Sion pode usar sua ult para dar engage ou fugir. Ele possui pouco escpae da jungle onde as voltas são difíceis de fazer para escapar, mas em lane, se sua Ult estiver disponível, Sion é bem difícil de abater.
  • Com o largo efeito em área de seu levante, Sion é forte contra vários campeões de dive. É difícil passar por ele.