Counters de Udyr

Counters e melhores parceiros de time para Udyr no LoL

Os melhores Campões do LoL para sinergia e counterar Udyr

41,477 counters e matchups com Udyr analisados


To determine the most and least favorable counters for Udyr, we studied the outcomes of 41,477 recently played, ranked LoL matches. We determined which champions have the highest and lowest win rates against him. Moreover, we isolated those rare champions that are ideal companions and who could help prevent him from being beaten. Having examined so many games gives us a lot of certainty in our Udyr counter stats.

As you can see above, Skarner is the best to face off against Udyr with a 57.0% win rate against him. In a close second and third place, Brand and Amumu are the next biggest threats to Udyr. They have win rates of 56.0% and 56.0%, respectively. You should avoid taking him into a game where any of these champions has been selected.

On the other hand, if you are facing off against Akshan, you should expect to do much better. Udyr counters them with a very respectable win percentage of 58.0%. Likewise, you should anticipate doing very well against Syndra and Nidalee. These champs have the next poorest winrates against Udyr.

Sinergias de Udyr

If you want the best champ pairings for your own allies to advance your win percentage even further, take a peek at at the champ synergies above. Regardless of his chosen position, he does very well when alonside Taliyah. This combination usually improves his average win rate by 5.0%. Illaoi and Wukong are also great champions to fight alongside.

Nossos métodos

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Nós processamos milhões de partidas de League of Legends, extraídas diretamente dos servidores da Riot semanalmente. Analisamos os dados usando algoritmos avançados para oferecer os counters de Udyr mais precisos on-line.

Guia para counterar Udyr

  • Urdyr precisa estar em alcance corpo-a-corpo para mitigar seu dano. Mantenha distância dele e dê kite nele da melhor forma que puder com seus carries ranged.
  • Udyr é forte contra e pode matar carries fora de posição. Não fique ansioso demais.