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Counters e melhores parceiros de time para Urgot no LoL

Os melhores Campões do LoL para sinergia e counterar Urgot

160,315 counters e matchups com Urgot analisados

To select the most and least favorable counters for Urgot, we examined the results of 160.315 recently played, ranked League of Legends games. We found which champs have the greatest and poorest win rates against him. Additionally, we found those few that are solid allies and who could help stop your champ from being countered. Having evaluated so many games gives us a lot of confidence in our Urgot counter stats.

As can be seen above, Dr. Mundo is the strongest counter to Urgot with a 54.4% win fraction against him. Close behind, Wukong and Illaoi are the next greatest counters to Urgot. These two champs have win rates of 52.2% and 51.8%, respectively. You should avoid bringing him into a game where one of these champs has already been chosen.

On the other hand, if you're facing off against Gangplank, you should anticipate doing much better. Urgot counters them with a very respectable win rate of 57.4%. Similarly, you should expect to do very well when facing Gwen and Renekton. They have the next poorest win rates when countering Urgot.

If you would like the best champ pairings for your own teammates to improve your chances of winning even further, take a look at the champ synergies below.

Sinergias de Urgot

Regardless of his lane, he does very well when on the same team as Brand. This pairing typically improves his average win rate by a few percent. Zyra and Ziggs are also superb champions to team up with.


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Nós processamos milhões de partidas de League of Legends, extraídas diretamente dos servidores da Riot semanalmente. Analisamos os dados usando algoritmos avançados para oferecer os counters de Urgot mais precisos on-line.

Guia para counterar Urgot

  • Você terá a vantagem se puder desviar da Carga Corrosiva. Isso é importante na lane para evitar que Urgot a combine com o Expulgar.
  • Mantenha-se atento a cor da perna de Urgot: Saia de perto quando a perna estiver verde e sinta-se livre para dar engage quando estiver laranja.
  • Urgot não pode se mover enquanto estiver canalizando o Pior Que a Morte, então seus carries podem neutralizá-lo quando ele estiver usando essa habilidade.