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Estatísticas e taxa de vitória de Zoe no LoL

Estatísticas de Campeão e detalhamento de metagame do LoL

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To generate these Zoe stats, we reviewed 37,111 recent ranked League matches with her chosen. MOBA Champion downloads ranked match data directly from Riot's servers. This allows us to be very confident in our Zoe statistics. She didn't do a good job in recent games. She has a dismal win rate of 45.9%.

Zoe has been used very little in the latest ranked League of Legends games. In the current meta, her popularity is 1.2%. Hardly anyone sees her as a danger. She has only been banned in roughly 0.5% of League of Legends rounds.

She is an average damage dealer on the Rift with 6 kills on average per match. That is the 23rd highest kill rate among all mids. (There are 34 champion in totals that are typically played in in the mid position.) Additionally, she has a fairly typical average death count (6 deaths; 28th out of all mids). Moreover, Zoe has an average KDA ratio (2.2) with 7 assists (15th among all mid type champs).

Taxa de vitória de Zoe periodicamente

Thanks to Zoe's K/D/A and utility, she has a terrible overall win rate. She does best in the late game, with a winrate of 47.0% in that phase. Unfortunately, she does worst in the early game, where Zoe's win rate is 46.0%. The difference between her best and worst game phases is only 1.1%. This small difference shows us that her relative power is consistent throughout the entire round.

Estatísticas de posição de Zoe

Top lane
Popularidade: 4%
Taxa de vitória: 48%
Popularidade: 0.9%
Taxa de vitória: 46%
Mid lane
Popularidade: 88%
Taxa de vitória: 46%
Bottom lane
Popularidade: 1.6%
Taxa de vitória: 45%
Popularidade: 6%
Taxa de vitória: 45%

Zoe Estatísticas e meta

Zoe is most commonly played in the mid position. This happens in 88% of her matches. Mid Zoe also has the highest win rate (45.9%) of all positions. At this time, Zoe's meta game is focused on dealing damage. Specifically, her gameplay should mostly be focused on magical damage. Moreover, she is a decent tank champ. Dealing physical damage is the least significant part of Zoe’s kit.

You should expect to have to to spend a decent amount of time practicing and learning to pick up Zoe. Most League gamers think she is an average difficulty champion to master. Zoe mostly deals magical damage (77% of her total damage). She doesn't deal a large amount of physical damage and should not be considered a hybrid damage dealer.

Zoe deals a decent amount of damage in a normal match (18,517 damage). You may want to focus on developing her as a damage dealing champ to defeat your foes.

Estilo de jogo de Zoe

Tipos de dano

Estatísticas base de Zoe

Vida 560 - 2124
Mana 425 - 850
Dano 58 - 114.1
Alcance de ataque 550
Armadura 21 - 80.5
Resistência mágica 30 - 38.5
Veloc. de movimento 340
Tipo de energia Mana


As the embodiment of mischief, imagination, and change, Zoe acts as the cosmic messenger of Targon, heralding major events that reshape worlds. Her mere presence warps the arcane mathematics governing realities, sometimes causing cataclysms without...

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Analisamos milhões de partidas do League of Legends extraídas diretamente dos servidores da Riot semanalmente e processamos os dados usando algoritmos avançados para oferecer as estatísticas mais precisas de Zoe on-line. Os dados são analisados por tier, de modo que você possa encontrar as taxas de vitória e outras estatísticas mais relevantes de Zoe.