How to Synergize Диана with Мальзахар on the Same Team Диана is in the b tier of champions

Диана with Мальзахар

How to Win With Диана and Мальзахар Paired Together Мальзахар is in the a tier of champions
Fighter Mage
Mage Assassin

How to Synergize Диана and Мальзахар

based on 2 109 Диана with Мальзахар pairs
Процент побед
51,4 %
2 %

How We Analyze Champion Pairings in LoL

We download data from from millions of League of Legends rounds directly from Riot Games each week. Диана has fought alongside Мальзахар in 2109 recent, competitive matches. By amassing so much great data straight from the developers of League of Legends, we have complete confidence that we can produce robust, insightful builds to help Диана play with Мальзахар. It is relatively rare for Диана to play with Мальзахар on the same side. This has only taken place in approximately 2.0% of games with Диана.

Диана Мальзахар Synergy Summary

Диана does a decent job of synergizing with Мальзахар. Usually, she wins an acceptable 51.4% of the time the champions fight together on the same side. If you want to do better as Диана when playing alongside Мальзахар by learning how to better synergize your tactics with him, then check out the full build (with items, runes, summoner spells, and skills) below!

Best Диана Мальзахар Synergy Build


Первые предметы

Желаемое время
Детеныш травоящераЗелье здоровья

Следующие предметы

~5 минут
Разящий жезлКинжал

Основные предметы Диана

~22 минут
Хекстековый ракетный ременьСмертельная шляпа РабадонаПесочные часы Жони

Дополнительные элементы

Объятия демонаСумрачное пламяЗуб НашораЭгида солнечного пламени

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonersmite summoner spell F

Порядок навыков

Первый навык для Диана для повышения уровня q
Вторая способность для Диана для повышения уровня w
Последний навык для Диана, чтобы достичь максимума e


Точность Завоеватель ТриумфЛегенда: рвениеУдар милосердия
Доминирование Внезапный ударОхотник за сокровищами
Adaptive Force Adaptive Force Magic Resist
Диана's passive ability p
Диана q ability q
Диана w ability w
Диана e ability e
Диана's ultimate ability r

Guide to Synergizing Диана and Мальзахар

Tips for Playing as Диана with Мальзахар

Обдумайте, когда использовать Лунный рывок без Лунного света и когда ждать следующего Удара полумесяца.

Попадать умением Удар полумесяца очень важно, но не бойтесь промахнуться. Перезарядка быстрая, а затраты маны низкие.

Используйте Притяжение Луны и Лунный рывок, чтобы оставаться у цели, и активируйте Клинок лунного сияния для нанесения дополнительного урона.

Advice to Understand How Мальзахар Will Play

Старайтесь избегать урона на линии, чтобы увеличить продолжительность действия Сдвига Бездны, тем самым серьезно увеличивая выживаемость Мальзахара.

Не используйте Рой Бездны, пока рядом с вами не окажутся враги, чтобы войдлинги могли на них напасть и убить.

Используйте Зов Бездны и Потустороннюю хватку для увеличения продолжительности Пагубных видений у врагов.

Диана Мальзахар Synergy Stats

Диана Image
Win Rate
51,4 %
Win Rate
48,6 %
Мальзахар Image
< Kills >
< Deaths >
< Assists >
< Killing Sprees >
< Minions Killed >
< Dragons Killed >
< Inhibitors >
2 607
< Physical Damage >
2 345
16 353
< Magic Damage >
17 331
1 244
< True Damage >
1 127
20 205
< Damage Dealt >
20 804
26 959
< Damage Taken >
25 186
12 500
< Gold Earned >
12 127
< Towers >
< Baron Takedowns >
8 421
< Total Healing >
6 022
14 063
< Experience >
13 862
< Vision Score >
< Wards Placed >
< Time Dealing CC >

How to Play with Мальзахар as Диана in LoL

The Диана Мальзахар synergy stats shown here demonstrate the areas of her gameplay that do better (or worse) when paired with Мальзахар, compared to her overall stats. Significant differences are areas of focus that highlight how her gameplay changes when paired with this other champion.

Overall, Диана sees a very large drop in her KDA (ratio of kills and assists to deaths) when paired with Мальзахар. His KDA went down from NaN to NaN. This worsening shows that Мальзахар helps Диана perform not as well in competitive League of Legends matches. Yet, the small difference proves that this performance change is not very impactful.

When Диана is paired with Мальзахар, she observes a small decrease in her full damage dealt. This could indicate that Мальзахар doesn't help cover for her to dish out more damage or that his support also helps extend the round's duration. Similarly, when Диана is played with Мальзахар on the same team, he usually scores many fewer killing sprees than when she plays on his own. This is contrasting evidence that she is worse when playing with Мальзахар.

Additionally, when Диана plays with Мальзахар on the same team, she usually receives more damage than when she plays alone. Taking more damage could mean that Мальзахар does a poor job of covering Диана during teamfights.

Synergies between Диана and Мальзахар

Тип урона

Диана with Мальзахар

Champion Playstyles Contrasted


Is Диана better when played alongside Мальзахар?

There is no universally accepted best companion for Диана that will 100% of the time be her ideal ally. Yet, Мальзахар is a pretty good companion for Диана. By locking into the same team as Диана, he raises their win rate by 2.2% to 51.4%. This shows that there is a potentially meaningful synergy between Диана and Мальзахар that allows them to perform stronger together than alone.

Мальзахар has a greater difficulty than Диана. That means you must be cautious when arranging Мальзахар teammates to go into battle on the same side as, as they will have to have a greater level of skill to be able to play well with you.

Fighting on the same side, you should witness an overall large increase in your team’s ability to to do a lot of AP damage. Combined, these two can blast through enemies with magic damage.

Conversely, by aligning Диана and Мальзахар together, you will not be giving your team a lot of protection for burst damage. Make sure to pick other champs on your team that fills this relative gap in their kit.

Regardless of your Мальзахар ally's ability, you need to focus on maximizing your income, outlasting your enemies, and clearing objectives. If you do this, you should do well, regardless.

Additional Information for Диана Players

How We Calculated Our Диана Мальзахар Synergy Build and Stats

For this guide on pairing Диана and Мальзахар, we analyzed 2 109 ranked and recent League of Legends matches. We perform advanced data cleaning and statistical methods to guarantee that our team synergy stats are accurate and reliable. You can be confident that our recommended build to pair Диана with Мальзахар comes from actual data and is not the fabrication of some random LoL player, as some other sites provide. You can use the filters at the top of the page to view your division's most relevant stats and build.

Further Insights to Win with this Champion Pairing

To learn all of the intricacies of Диана to work well with Мальзахар during both the laning and mid / late game phases of LoL games, you should keep reading to master a few extra tips and tricks for this champion pairing. If you mind the build and suggestions displayed above, you will increase your win rate by a lot.

The top finished items to use in your Диана and Мальзахар synergy build consist of Хекстековый ракетный ремень, Смертельная шляпа Рабадона, and Песочные часы Жони. When Диана included at least these three finished items in her build, she did much better when paired up with Мальзахар than with many other commonly used item sets. In fact, Диана had an average winrate of 51.4% when playing alongside Мальзахар with these items in her kit.

To have the highest likelihood of beating your oponents, Диана players should use the Завоеватель, Триумф, Легенда: рвение, Удар милосердия, Внезапный удар, and Охотник за сокровищами runes from the Точность and Доминирование rune sets. Of all the runes that we analyzed for Диана and Мальзахар pairings, this combination of runes resulted in the greatest win rate. Moreover, these runes provided a 51.4% winrate overall.

If you want to get Диана with Мальзахар synergy tips and builds for a a particular player tier, please select one from the selection menu displayed above. At first, the stats and strategies shown are calculated using all games played with these champs.