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These champion statistics were calculated using 118,229 recently played, ranked Akali games. MOBA Champion downloads ranked game summaries directly from Riot's servers. Having a large number of League of Legends matches to evaluate gives us a lot of confidence in our capability to give you accurate Akali statistics. Across all games, Akali didn't perform very well, with a below average win rate of 47.0%.

Akali has been picked only occasionally in recent ranked LoL matches. In the current meta, her popularity is 3.9%. Some players see her as a threat. She has been banned in roughly 5.7% of League of Legends rounds.

If you are looking for a dominating carry, then you should definitely consider this champion. She has the 7th highest kill rate in the game among other mids. (34 champs in total are most commonly played in the mid position.) Moreover, she has a somewhat typical death total with an average of 6 deaths per League of Legends match (20th out of all mids). Furthermore, Akali has an average KDA ratio (2.1) with 5 assists (34th amongst all mid type champs).

Akali Win-Rate mit der Zeit

Thanks to Akali's K/D/A and utility, she has a terrible overall win rate. She does very well in the mid game, with a winrate of 48.1% in that phase. Unfortunately, she does terribly in the early game, where Akali's win rate is 47.1%. The difference between her best and worst game phases is only 1.0%. This negligible difference indicates that her power is flat throughout the entire match.

Akali Position Statistiken

Beliebtheit: 20%
Win-Rate: 47%
Beliebtheit: 1.6%
Win-Rate: 46%
Beliebtheit: 78%
Win-Rate: 48%
Beliebtheit: 0.6%
Win-Rate: 44%
Beliebtheit: 0.5%
Win-Rate: 42%

Akali Statistiken und Meta

Akali is played mostly in the mid position. This occurs in 78% of her rounds. Mid Akali also has the highest win rate (47.7%) of all positions. At this time, Akali's meta game is focused on dealing damage. Specifically, her gameplay should primarily be centered around magical damage. Moreover, she is an ok damage dealer champ. Supporting others and crowd control are the least critical part of Akali’s gameplay.

You should expect to have to to spend a decent amount of time practicing and learning to master Akali. Most LoL gamers think she is an average difficulty champion to get good at. Akali mostly does magical damage (87% of her total damage). She doesn't deal a large amount of physical damage and should not be considered a hybrid damage dealer.

Akali deals a good amount of damage over the course of a regular ranked game (18,568 damage). You could focus on developing her as a powerful champion to defeat your foes.

Akali Spielstil


Basis Akali Statistiken

Leben 500 - 2285
Mana 200 - 200
Angriffsschaden 62 - 118.1
Reichweite 125
Rüstung 23 - 82.5
Magieresistenz 37 - 58.25
Lauftempo 345
Energieart Energy


Abandoning the Kinkou Order and her title of the Fist of Shadow, Akali now strikes alone, ready to be the deadly weapon her people need. Though she holds onto all she learned from her master Shen, she has pledged to defend Ionia from its enemies, one...


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