Quinn vs Darius Counter Statistiken

Wie man Quinn vs Darius Counter Matchup gewinnt vs Wie man Darius als Quinn in LoL besiegt

Wie man Darius als Quinn besiegt

6,023 Quinn vs Darius Matchups analysiert



First Blood


Beste Quinn Gegenstände, um Darius zu countern

The most important items to focus on in your Quinn versus Darius build include Infinity Edge, Stormrazor, and The Collector. When Quinn incorporated at least these three items in her build, she did a lot better when fighting Darius than with most other commonly used builds.


7.6 | Quinn Darius | 5.9


6.9 | Quinn Darius | 6.5


6.1 | Quinn Darius | 4.9

Beste Quinn Runen, um Darius zu countern

Fokussierter Angriff Rune Fokussierter Angriff
Triumph Rune Triumph
Legende: Blutdurst Rune Legende: Blutdurst
Niedermäher Rune Niedermäher
Geschmack von Blut Rune Geschmack von Blut
Gefräßiger Jäger Rune Gefräßiger Jäger
To have the highest chance of annihilating Darius as Quinn, Quinn players should equip the Press the Attack, Triumph, Legend: Bloodline, Cut Down, Taste of Blood, and Ravenous Hunter runes. Out of all the runes players used for Quinn vs Darius battles, this order of runes yielded the highest win rate. We have also included the top Darius runes to counterpick against Quinn in order to help you recognize how he will likely be built against your champion.

Runen, die Darius am ehesten zum Countern von Quinn einsetzt

Eroberer Rune Eroberer
Triumph Rune Triumph
Legende: Eifer Rune Legende: Eifer
Letztes Gefecht Rune Letztes Gefecht
Aufschwung Rune Aufschwung
Unerschrocken Rune Unerschrocken

Quinn vs Darius Counter-Statistiken Zusammenfassung

The stats provided here clarify several vital Quinn against Darius matchup statistics that may help us realize the differences and similarities between the pair. For instance, Quinn’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of 2.0 is better than Darius’s KDA ratio of 1.7, indicating that Quinn may be more central to her team's team fighting effectiveness than Darius.

Quinn usually has a slightly larger longest kill spree than her enemy does. On average, Quinn receives less damage than Darius. This typically indicates differing health capacities; however, it can also show that the champion with increased health has less agility and thus is unable to kite away from further damage when poked or engaged.

In Quinn vs Darius matchups, Quinn typically earns a similar amount of CS than Darius. Champs that don't amass a lot of minion kills typically don't require much CS to be useful. They are able to scale properly off their abilities alone. However, champs with large amounts of CS, such as ADCs, usually have to have a lot of items to be useful. In either case, work to beat the averages presented here to do well.

By default, Quinn vs Darius tips, statistics, and build suggestions are given for every ranked division. If you would like to scope the statistics and builds to a distinct rank, you can use the selection menu located above.

Längster Blutrausch

3.3 | Quinn Darius | 2.6

Verursachter Schaden

20,182 | Quinn Darius | 13,324

Erlittener Schaden

19,097 | Quinn Darius | 26,951

Erhaltenes Gold

11,484 | Quinn Darius | 10,489

Getötete Vasallen

136 | Quinn Darius | 133

Zerstörte Türme

5.7 | Quinn Darius | 4.9

Getötete Drachen

2 | Quinn Darius | 1.8

Getötete Barons

0.4 | Quinn Darius | 0.4

Zerstörte Inhibitoren

1 | Quinn Darius | 0.8

Quinn vs Darius Matchup Zusammenfassung

We calculate our matchup statistics from the millions of rated League of Legends games that we evaluate every week. This Quinn versus Darius counter review came out of an analysis of 6,023 ranked matches where both champions faced each other.

This pairing is relatively common. Quinn encounters Darius in 15.3% of her matches. Quinn has done a great job of beating Darius. On average, she wins a fantastic 55.0% of the time the champs fight one another in. In Quinn versus Darius rounds, Quinn’s team is 0.0% more expected to earn first blood, implying that she most likely will be able to get first blood versus Darius.

Wie wir unsere Champion Counter analysieren

Für diesen Counter-Guide haben wir die 6,023 Quinn gegen Darius Matchups aus aktuellen LoL-Spielen. Wir verwenden strenge Methoden zur Datenbereinigung und -verarbeitung, um sicherzustellen, dass unsere Counter-Statistiken von höchster Qualität sind. Du kannst dir sicher sein, dass der empfohlene Build, um Darius als Quinn zu kontern, aus echten Daten stammt und nicht die Erfindung eines zufälligen LoL-Spielers ist, wie es einige andere Seiten anbieten. Du kannst die Filter oben auf der Seite nutzen, um die relevantesten Statistiken und Gegenstände für deinen Rang anzuzeigen.