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The Best Runes, Items, and Advice to Dominate Your Competition

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293,861 LoL Matches Analyzed

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We set our Quinn build suggestions by analyzing 293,861 recently ranked LoL games with her selected. We only advise the highest winrate Quinn builds that have been used by ranked gamers enough times for us to suggest them. With so many matches in our dataset, we are confident in our recommended builds.

To get more focused build tips and tactics, please take a look at our tips farther down on the page. Additionally, Quinn builds dedicated to a particular skill rank can be viewed by selecting a different division from the dropdown menu found above. The recommended Quinn build will be specific to that division’s meta.

Best Quinn Runes

If you are battling a mixed enemy team comp, you should strongly consider getting yourself the Press the Attack, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Coup de Grace, Future's Market, and Cosmic Insight runes. In recent matches, she won the greatest fraction of her matches when built with these runes. Yet, if you are fighting a more homogenous enemy team composition, such as an AD heavy or a tank heavy team, you should instead look below to get the best Quinn runes to win your particular match.


Press the Attack Rune Press the Attack
Triumph Rune Triumph
Legend: Alacrity Rune Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace Rune Coup de Grace
Future's Market Rune Future's Market
Cosmic Insight Rune Cosmic Insight
Versus Selected Team Comp
Fleet Footwork Rune Fleet Footwork
Triumph Rune Triumph
Legend: Alacrity Rune Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace Rune Coup de Grace
Nimbus Cloak Rune Nimbus Cloak
Celerity Rune Celerity

Best Items for Your Quinn Build

The most critical items to include in your Quinn build include: Eclipse, Infinity Edge, Essence Reaver, and The Collector. Additionally, similar to our rune suggestions, you can also find quality, focused, Quinn item builds below for the particular enemy team comp you are fighting in your ongoing match. Players who added these items in their kits had a better win rate than those who worked towards other Quinn builds.

LoL Item EclipseLoL Item Infinity EdgeLoL Item Essence ReaverLoL Item The Collector

vs AD Heavy Teams

LoL Item EclipseLoL Item Infinity EdgeLoL Item Sanguine BladeLoL Item The Collector

vs AP Heavy Teams

LoL Item Prowler's ClawLoL Item Mortal ReminderLoL Item Sanguine BladeLoL Item The Collector

vs CC Heavy Teams

LoL Item Duskblade of DraktharrLoL Item Sanguine BladeLoL Item Edge of NightLoL Item The Collector

vs Tanky Teams

LoL Item Kraken SlayerLoL Item Guardian AngelLoL Item Mortal ReminderLoL Item Stormrazor

Guide to Playing with Quinn

  • After level 6, Behind Enemy Lines gives Quinn incredible mobility. Use it to move from lane to lane and to assist allies in other lanes.
  • Lead with Vault to slow down the enemy and then combo with Blinding Assault and auto attacks to proc Harrier.