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We offer the world's best League of Legends win prediction algorithm and statistics. With data from millions of matches, our machine learning algorithms can accurately predict the outcome of your match before it even starts!

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What we offer

Win Probability Calculator

By evaluating the compositions of both teams with a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm, we are able to predict which side is more likely to win. Fine-tune your team composition to give yourself an edge!

Synergies and Counters

Want to know which mid pick will synergize with your top lane? Interested in which champion will crush your lane opponent? Our analysis has revealed which synergy and counter picks will improve your win rate.

Item Builds

We've taken item builds to the next level! Not only can we tell you which build will help your champion win in general, but we custom tailor our suggestions to crush the specific composition of the enemy team.

Useful Statistics

Need to learn more about your champion but don't want to sift through a mountain of useless stats? We've distilled the information we've learned from analyzing millions of matches down to what truly matters!

Use MOBA Champions to have a technology advantage.


Utilizing machine learning algorithms and advanced statistical methods, we analyze millions of League of Legends matches each week to bring you the most accurate and useful information to guide your match play. No need to rely on outdated or unreliable suggestions. We know which picks and builds will improve your win rate.


Although our methods are advanced, we present our findings clearly and concisely, so you can make informed changes to your strategy without having to sift through the jumble of data that other sites present.

Frequent Updates

We constantly evaluate new ways to improve our algorithm and statistics, which only rely on up to date information.