Darius Build Guide

LoL Darius Build Guide

The Best Darius Runes, Items, and Advice to Dominate Your Competition

111,076 Darius Builds Analyzed

Best Items for Your Darius Build

The most essential items to include in your Darius build are: Trinity Force, Hullbreaker, Gargoyle Stoneplate, and Dead Man's Plate. Additionally, like our rune builds, you can also find quality, focused, Darius item builds further down for the particular enemy team composition you are playing in your current match. Those who included these pieces in their gear had a higher winrate than players who worked towards other builds for Darius.

Darius Items to Defeat Focused Team Comps

Best Darius Runes for Your Next Build

Conqueror Build Rune for Darius Conqueror
Triumph Build Rune for Darius Triumph
Legend: Bloodline Build Rune for Darius Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand Build Rune for Darius Last Stand
Demolish Build Rune for Darius Demolish
Overgrowth Build Rune for Darius Overgrowth
If you are battling a varied enemy team comp, you should strongly consider getting him the Conqueror, Triumph, Legend: Bloodline, Last Stand, Demolish, and Overgrowth runes. In recent matches, he won the greatest percentage of his rounds when using these runes. However, if you are fighting a more single focused enemy team comp, such as an AP centric or a tank centric team, you should instead scrollbrowse further down to view the best Darius runes to defeat your particular combination of foes.

Darius Runes to Beat Dedicated Enemy Teams

Conqueror Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Darius Build Conqueror
Triumph Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Darius Build Triumph
Legend: Tenacity Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Darius Build Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Darius Build Last Stand
Revitalize Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Darius Build Revitalize
Bone Plating Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Darius Build Bone Plating

Guide to Playing with Darius

  • Make sure to hit enemy champions with Decimate as it will deal damage to enemies and heal Darius.
  • Purchase items to increase survivability in teamfights.


We established our Darius build suggestions by analyzing 111,076 recently ranked League of Legends rounds with him selected. We only propose the highest winrate Darius builds that were used by ranked players enough times for us to propose them. With so many matches in our dataset, we are quite confident in our suggested builds.

Additionally, to see the top Darius build designed for a different skill rank, please choose a different one from the dropdown menu above. The calculated Darius builds will update to characterize that division’s meta.

FAQs About Darius

What are some of Darius' greatest strengths?

Darius has a very strong early game that allows him to get ahead and stay ahead. Use your early game pressure! If you play passively, you will have a hard time catching back up in the mid- to late-game. It's important that you transition from your early game items into your final Darius build at the right time.

What's one of Darius' biggest weaknesses?

Darius can be outplayed by experienced players on ranged champions, like Teemo and Ryze. His pull has a relatively short range. If he can't get up close and personal, he's relatively ineffective. This is especially troublesome in teamfights. He can be kited too easily. If your enemies are very mobile, add some additional mobility into you LoL Darius build.

Why do some people dominate when playing Darius while I just suck?

Playing Darius is all about positioning. When he swings his axe, you need to make sure he's hitting with his blade and not the axe shaft. Don't be afraid to dive in. Your heal scales with the number of enemy's hit.