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Estadísticas de campeones de LoL y desglose de Meta

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Tasa de Vetos


These champ stats were calculated using 90.175 recently played, ranked Braum matches. MOBA Champion downloads ranked match data directly from Riot's own database. Having so many League of Legends games to evaluate gives us a lot of confidence in our ability to give you accurate Braum statistics. He did do a good job in recent matches. He has an average win rate of 50.2%.

Braum has been used only occasionally in the latest ranked League games. In the current meta, his popularity is 2.8%. He is rarely banned during champ select. Obviously, very few players see him as a real threat. In the latest ranked matches, Braum was banned 0.4% of the time.

Tasa de victorias a lo largo del tiempo de Braum

Because of Braum's K/D/A and utility, he has a fairly average overall win rate. He does best in the late game, with a winrate of NaN% in that phase. Unfortunately, he does very poorly in the late game, where Braum's winrate is NaN%., The difference between his best and worst game phases is a large NaN%. This sizeable difference makes it clear that his power spikes and fades in different phases of the round. Prepare well.

Estadísticas de posición de Braum

Popularidad: 0.4%
Victorias: 39%
Popularidad: 0.2%
Victorias: 32.5%
Popularidad: 0.1%
Victorias: 38.3%
Popularidad: 0.1%
Victorias: 33.3%
Popularidad: 99.2%
Victorias: 50.2%

Braum Estadísticas y Meta

Braum is most commonly played in the support position. This occurs in [object Object]% of his rounds. Support Braum also has the highest win rate ([object Object]%) of all positions. Currently, Braum's meta game is focused on tanking. Specifically, his kit should mainly be centered around protecting carries. Furthermore, he is a decent support champion. Dealing physical damage is the least critical part of Braum’s kit.

If you are not familiar with his skills and tactics, you will not find it difficult trying him out for the first time. Many competitors believe him to not be a tough champion to get good at. Braum primarily does magic damage (76% of his total damage). He doesn't deal much of other damage types and should not be considered a hybrid damage dealer..

Braum deals a small amount of damage in a typical round (7416 damage). You probably shouldn't focus on developing him as a damage dealing champion to smash your opponents. Rather, you should dedicate yourself to assisting your teammates to beat your enemy.


Estilo de juego de Braum

Tipos de daño


Bendecido con bíceps enormes y un corazón aún más grande, Braum es un héroe muy apreciado en Freljord. Todas las tabernas al norte del Fuerte Helado brindan por su fuerza legendaria. Se dice que taló un bosque de robles en una sola noche y convirtió una...

If you are looking for a dominating damage dealer, then you should definitely not consider this champion. He has one of the worst kill rates on the Rift amongst all champions. Furthermore, he has a relatively typical average champion death rate (5.5 deaths). Moreover, Braum has a high KDA ratio (2.9) with 14.1 assists.

Estadísticas base de Braum

Vida 540 - 540
Maná 311 - 311
Daño 55 - 55
Rango de ataque 335
Armadura 47 - 47
Resistencia mágica 32 - 32
Velocidad de Movimiento 335
Tipo de energía Maná

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