Counters de Ziggs

LoL Ziggs Counters y mejores compañeros de equipo

Los mejores campeones de LoL para sinergizar y contrarrestar a Ziggs

128,160 Ziggs Counters y emparejamientos analizados


To determine the greatest and worst counters for Ziggs, we analyzed the scores of 128,160 recently finished, ranked League of Legends games. We found which champs have the greatest and poorest win rates against him. Additionally, we determined those few that are ideal companions and who could help prevent him from being beaten. Having evaluated so many games leaves us with great faith in our conclusions.

As shown above, Master Yi is the strongest counter to Ziggs with a 51.0% victory rate against him. Close behind, Brand and Xerath are the next greatest threats to Ziggs. These two champs have win rates of 50.0% and 50.0%, respectively. You should not bring him into a game where one of these champs has been picked.

Conversely, if you are facing off against Gangplank, you can anticipate doing much better. Ziggs counters them with a much higher win rate of 58.0%. Similarly, you should anticipate doing very well against Azir and Syndra. These champs have the next lowest win rates when countering Ziggs.

Sinergias de Ziggs

If you would like good champion pairings for your own comrades to improve your win rate even further, look at the Ziggs synergies above. Regardless of his lane, he does best when alonside Yasuo. This combination typically raises his average win rate by 6.0%. Master Yi and Skarner are also fantastic champs to fight alongside.

Nuestros métodos

If you want to learn more about a specific Ziggs matchup, along with the most desirable builds to employ in that matchup, please click the corresponding row in the tables above. If the particular Ziggs counters you are looking for aren’t found below, you may see all potential counters at the above link.

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Cada semana revisamos millones de partidas de League of Legends sacadas directamente de los servidores de Riot. Analizamos los datos usando tanto estadísticas convencionales como algoritmos avanzados de aprendizaje automático para obtener los counters de Ziggs más precisos.

Guía para contrarrestar a Ziggs

  • Evita entrar en la Carga concentrada. Aumenta tu velocidad de movimiento para que esto sea más fácil.
  • Gracias a su largo alcance y su gran poke, Ziggs contrarresta a los campeones de corto y medio alcance que tienen dificultades para alcanzarlo.
  • Los asesinos son particularmente fuertes contra Ziggs. Si pueden atacarlo, no es muy móvil.