Comment gagner le match entre Skarner et Rakan Skarner is in the a tier of champions

Skarner vs Rakan

Comment battre Rakan en tant que Skarner dans LoL Rakan is in the s tier of champions
Fighter Tank

Comment Battre Rakan en Tant que Skarner

basé sur 393 jeux avec Skarner contre Rakan
51,7 %
2,4 %

Comment Nous Analysons les Counters de Champions LoL

We at MOBA Champion analyze millions of recently ranked LoL rounds every week. In our database, Skarner faced Rakan 393 times. Using so many games with Skarner vs Rakan gives us a lot of faith in our capability to provide informative data and a recommended build to crush Rakan. This particular champion matchup is fairly rare. Skarner is forced to battle against Rakan in only 2.4% of his matches.

Skarner vs Rakan Résumé du Matchup

Skarner has done a decent job of beating Rakan. Typically, he wins a acceptable 51.7% of the time the champions fight one another in. In Skarner versus Rakan rounds, Skarner’s team is 0.1% less probable to gain first blood, indicating that he probably won't be able to get first blood against Rakan.

Meilleure Build pour les matchs avec Skarner vs Rakan


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Force de la trinitéCouperet noirCotte épineuse

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Force de la naturePlaque du mort

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Sorcellerie TranscendanceMarche sur l'eau
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Guide pour contrer Rakan comme Skarner

Conseils pour jouer en tant que Skarner contre Rakan.

Empalement est extrêmement puissant si vous l'utilisez de manière à placer un ennemi où vos alliés peuvent l'attaquer.

Les attaques de base réduisent le délai de récupération de Taillade de cristal. Lancez-en autant que possible pour maximiser les dégâts.

Capturer des Flèches cristallines avant d'essayer de prendre un objectif ou de provoquer un combat d'équipes à proximité améliore les performances de Skarner durant ces combats.

Conseils pour gagner contre Rakan

Surprendre Rakan quand il est loin de ses alliés entrave grandement sa mobilité. Attaquez-vous à lui quand il est isolé.

Les champions pouvant rapidement appliquer des contrôles de foule excellent contre Rakan.

Les compétences de déplacement de Rakan annoncent leur destination. Essayez de tirer parti de ces informations.

Skarner vs Rakan Statistiques du match

Skarner Image
Win Rate
51,7 %
Win Rate
48,3 %
Rakan Image
< Kills >
< Deaths >
< Assists >
< Killing Sprees >
< Minions Killed >
< Dragons Killed >
< Inhibitors >
8 854
< Physical Damage >
1 116
4 091
< Magic Damage >
4 946
1 038
< True Damage >
13 984
< Damage Dealt >
6 792
27 317
< Damage Taken >
18 820
11 074
< Gold Earned >
7 810
< Towers >
< Baron Takedowns >
9 133
< Total Healing >
5 862
13 090
< Experience >
9 909
< Vision Score >
< Wards Placed >
1 515
< Time Dealing CC >

Comment Contrer Rakan avec Skarner dans LoL

The stats provided here clarify some valuable Skarner versus Rakan counter statistics that can help you interpret the differences and similarities between the pair. For instance, Skarner’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of NaN is greater than Rakan’s ratio of NaN, indicating that Skarner may be more central to his team's team fighting potential than Rakan. This observation is in large part a result of the difference in kills.

Skarner usually has a much larger longest kill spree than his foe does. On average, he takes more damage than Rakan. This is usually reflective of different amounts of tankyness, yet it can also illustrate that the champion with higher health has less mobility and thus is not able to escape additional damage when poked or engaged.

Differences between Skarner and Rakan

Comparaison des types de dommages}

Dommage physique
Dommage physique
Dommage Pur

Champion Playstyles Compared


Who is Better, Skarner or Rakan?

Both League champions are great. Both have their strengths, weaknesses, and counters. In League's current meta, Skarner usually wins when taking on Rakan, with a 51.7% win rate. Therefore, Skarner makes a good counter to Rakan.

While Skarner does have a higher winrate compared to Rakan, when on opposite teams, Skarner also has a greater level of difficulty that makes him a more complex champion to pick up and master. You should be careful when picking Skarner into Rakan.

Additionally, Skarner has a good amount of CC and other utility, a similar amount to Rakan. This makes her just as valuable during teamfights, especially when fighting champions with a ton of burst damage.

While there isn't a single best champion in League of Legends, in Skarner vs Rakan matchups, Skarner is the better champ with a higher win rate, similar champion depth, and a similar amount of utility to help out your team members during late stage team fights.

Skarner is a decent counter for Rakan. You will do well by focussing your tactics on increasing your gold income and taking out objectives. If you are able to do that, you should be able to stand on your own as Skarner against Rakan.

Additional Information for Skarner Players

How We Calculated Our Skarner vs Rakan Build and Stats

For this guide on countering Rakan as Skarner, we analyzed 393 matchups from recent LoL games. We use rigorous data cleaning and processing methods to ensure that our counter stats are of the highest quality. You can rest assured that the recommended build to counter Rakan as Skarner comes from real data and is not the fabrication of some random LoL player, as some other sites provide. You can use the filters at the top of the page to view the most relevant stats and items to your rank.

Other Useful Resources

Further Insights to Win this Matchup

To learn all of the intricacies of Skarner in order to counter Rakan during both the laning and mid / late game phases of League of Legends, you should keep reading to pick up a few extra lessons on this matchup. If you pay attention to the build and suggestions presented here, you should grow your win rate by a lot and be closer to League of Legends pro players.

Skarner usually picks up a similar amount of CS as Rakan. Champs who on average don't acquire much CS often don't have to have much CS to be effective, such as supports. They are able to scale well off of their abilities and first items alone. Yet, champs with a lot of CS, such as hyper-carries, typically have to have a lot of items to be effective. In either case, try to do better than the numbers displayed on this page to do well.

The most crucial items to focus on in your Skarner versus Rakan build include Force de la trinité, Couperet noir, and Cotte épineuse. When Skarner included at least these three pieces in his build, he did significantly better when fighting Rakan than with many other commonly used counter builds. In fact, Skarner boasted an average win rate of 51.7% when countering Rakan with this build.

To have the greatest likelihood of vanquishing Rakan as Skarner, Skarner players should use the Conquérant, Triomphe, Légende : alacrité, Baroud d'honneur, Transcendance, and Marche sur l'eau runes from the Précision and Sorcellerie rune sets. Out of all the rune sets players picked for Skarner vs Rakan matchups, this mixture of runes resulted in the greatest win rate. In fact, these runes averaged a 51.7% winrate overall.

By default, tips, statistics, and builds on how to beat Rakan as Skarner are shown for all skill levels, merged. If you would like to narrow the stats and builds to a particular rank, you can use the selection menu earlier in the counter matchup guide.