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Comment créer une synergie entre Miss Fortune et Annie dans la même équipe ?Miss Fortune is in the a tier of champions

Miss Fortune with Annie

Comment gagner avec Miss Fortune et Annie ? jumelés ensembleMiss Fortune is in the a tier of champions

Comment mettre en synergie Miss Fortune et Annie ?

basé sur 8 512 jeux avec Miss Fortune et Annie
52,7 %
1,6 %

Comment nous analysons les paires de champions dans LoL

Our servers pull data from from millions of League of Legends games straight from Riot Games each and every week. Miss Fortune has been on the same team as Annie in 8512 recently played, ranked matches. By gathering so much relevant data from the hosts of LoL, we have complete confidence that we can produce high-quality, insightful builds to help Miss Fortune play with Annie. It is relatively rare for Miss Fortune to play with Annie as teammates. This has only taken place in about 1.6% of rounds with Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune Annie Résumé de la synergie

Miss Fortune does a good job of synergizing with Annie. Normally, she wins a fantastic 52.7% of the time the champs try and synergize their gameplay. If you want to win more matches as Miss Fortune when playing with Annie by figuring out how to better synergize your play style with her, then dig into the full build (with items, runes, summoner spells, and skills) below!

Meilleure Build pour les matchs avec Miss Fortune vs Annie


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Objets suivants

~5 Mins
Dague denteléeRectrix

Objets de base de Miss Fortune

~22 Mins
Ange gardienManteau de la nuitRancune de Serylda

Articles facultatifs

OpportunitéArc axiomatiqueSoif-de-sangCyclosabre voltaïque

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonerhaste summoner spell F

Ordre de compétence

Première compétence pour Miss Fortune à monter de niveauq
Deuxième capacité pour Miss Fortune de monter de niveauw
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InspirationPremier coupChaussures magiquesLivraison de biscuitsSavoir cosmique
SorcellerieConcentration absolueTempête menaçante
Adaptive ForceAdaptive ForceArmor
Miss Fortune's passive ability p
Miss Fortune's q ability q
Miss Fortune's w ability w
Miss Fortune's e ability e
Miss Fortune's ultimate ability r

Guide de la synergie entre Miss Fortune et Annie.

Conseils pour jouer en tant que Miss Fortune avec Annie

Miss Fortune gagne en vitesse si elle ne subit pas de dégâts pendant un moment. Pour avancer très vite, évitez de vous faire toucher.

Utilisez Doublé sur le sbire ennemi le plus éloigné si les champions restent à l'arrière, pour les toucher par la même occasion.

Pensez à utiliser Cœur volage quand Fanfaronne est en récupération pour que cette compétence redevienne vite disponible.

Conseils pour comprendre comment Annie va jouer jouera

Bouclier en fusion est pratique pour préparer un sort étourdissant ; il est souvent profitable d'y consacrer au moins 1 point en début de partie.

Achever des sbires avec Désintégration permet à Annie de farmer facilement en début de partie.

Conserver un effet d'étourdissement pour son ultime peut permettre un retournement de situation.

Miss Fortune Annie Statistiques de synergie

Miss Fortune Image
52,7 %
47,3 %
Annie Image
< kills >
< deaths >
< assists >
< killingSprees >
< cs >
< dragons >
< inhibitors >
20 954
< physicalDamage >
20 604
1 199
< magicDamage >
1 215
< trueDamage >
23 151
< damageDealt >
22 796
19 983
< damageTaken >
19 974
13 133
< goldEarned >
12 892
< towers >
< barons >
4 590
< heal >
4 499
13 180
< xp >
12 948
< visionScore >
< wardsPlaced >
< ccTime >

Comment jouer avec Annie dans le rôle de Miss Fortune dans LoL

The Miss Fortune Annie synergy stats shown here demonstrate the areas of her gameplay that do better (or worse) when paired with Annie, compared to her overall stats. Significant differences are areas of focus that highlight how her gameplay changes when paired with this other champion.

Overall, Miss Fortune sees a very large drop in her KDA (ratio of kills and assists to deaths) when paired with Annie. His KDA fell from NaN to NaN. This worsening shows that Annie helps Miss Fortune perform poorer in ranked League of Legends matches. Yet, the small difference shows that this performance change is not very impactful.

When Miss Fortune is paired with Annie, she gets a little increase in her full damage dealt. This may indicate that Annie helps provide cover for her to deal more damage or that her participation also helps increase the round's duration. Similarly, when Miss Fortune is played alongside Annie on the same team, he usually scores many fewer killing sprees compared to when she plays alone. This is contrasting evidence that she is worse when playing alongside Annie.

Additionally, when Miss Fortune plays with Annie on the same team, she often receives a little more damage than when she plays alone. Receiving more damage could indicate that Annie does a poor job of protecting Miss Fortune during team fights.

Synergies entre Miss Fortune et Annie

Comparaison des types de dommages

Miss Fortune
Dommage physique
Dommage physique
Dommage Pur

Les styles de jeu des champions contrastés

Miss Fortune

Est-ce que Miss Fortune est meilleur quand il joue avec Annie ?

There is no universally accepted best champion pairing for Miss Fortune that will no matter what be her ideal synergy. Yet, overall, Annie is a very typical ally for Miss Fortune. By locking into the same team as Miss Fortune, she decreases their win rate by -0.7% to 52.7%. This signals that there is a weak bond between Miss Fortune and Annie that allows them to perform not as well together than alone.

Annie has a much greater difficulty compared to Miss Fortune. That means you should be careful when lining up Annie comrades to fight alongside, as they will need a much greater level of skill to be able to cooperate well with you.

Playing together, you will likely see an overall large increase in your team’s capability to to do a lot of AP damage. When paired, these champions are able to dish out a surprising amount of magic type damage.

Although, by aligning Miss Fortune and Annie together, you probably will not be granting your other allies much tankyness. Make sure to include other champions on your team that fills this relative hole in their abilities.

Regardless of the skill of your Annie teammate, you should focus on increasing your income, outlasting your enemies, and taking down objectives. If you heed this simple advice, you will do well, regardless.

Informations supplémentaires pour Miss Fortune Joueurs

Comment nous avons calculé notre Miss Fortune Annie Synergy Build et Stats

Pour ce guide sur l'association de Miss Fortune et Annie, nous avons analysé 8 512 matchs classés et récents de League of Legends. Nous effectuons un nettoyage avancé des données et utilisons des méthodes statistiques pour garantir que nos statistiques de synergie d'équipe sont précises et fiables. Vous pouvez être sûr que le build que nous vous recommandons pour associer Miss Fortune et Annie provient de données réelles et n'est pas l'invention d'un joueur de LoL aléatoire, comme le proposent d'autres sites. Vous pouvez utiliser les filtres en haut de la page pour afficher les statistiques et les builds les plus pertinents de votre division.

Autres ressources utiles

De nouvelles idées pour gagner avec ce duo de champions

To learn all of the intricacies of Miss Fortune in order to synergize with Annie during both the laning and mid / late game phases of LoL matches, you should continue reading to master additional lessons on this champion pairing. If you use the build and suggestions shown above, you should increase your win rate significantly.

The best finished items to build first in your Miss Fortune and Annie synergy build include Ange gardien, Manteau de la nuit, and Rancune de Serylda. When Miss Fortune combined at least these three great items in her build, she performed significantly better as an ally of Annie than with most other typical builds. In fact, Miss Fortune boasted an average win rate of 52.7% when playing alongside Annie with these items in her kit.

To have the highest probability of annihilating your oponents, you should use the Premier coup, Chaussures magiques, Livraison de biscuits, Savoir cosmique, Concentration absolue, and Tempête menaçante runes from the Inspiration and Sorcellerie rune sets. Out of all the rune sets players used for this team composition, this blending of runes resulted in the top win rate. Notably, these runes gave a 52.7% win rate overall.

By default, tips, stats, and builds on how to synergize Annie with Miss Fortune are presented for all skill levels, merged. If you would like to scope the stats and builds to a specific division, you should use the selection menu earlier on the page.