League of Legends Champion Annie Annie is in the s tier of champions


Annie is a mage Role mage
Difficulty Average
Power Spike Mid-Game
Pyromania ability p
Disintegrate ability q
Incinerate ability w
Molten Shield ability e
Summon: Tibbers ability r

Annie Build

based on 32,561 matches
Win Rate
50.5 %
Pick Rate
3.4 %
Ban Rate
1.3 %

How We Come Up with Our Annie Builds

We process over 1 Million League of Legends games every day to bring you the most accurate Annie build so you can destroy your enemies and improve you win rate. We've broken down our Annie builds by rank, position, and enemy team type, so you can find the most accurate set of Annie core items and runes for any situation.

Annie Build Summary

Annie is a a decent middle lane champion in League of Legends. Her best rune sets are Domination Sorcery. Adding the selected runes shown below in your Annie build will help provide you with the additional stats to guarantee she plays well through the laning phase of the round and into the late game. Annie players should focus on leveling up her q ability first.

Best Build for Annie


Starter Items

Time Target
Dark SealRefillable Potion

Early Items

~5 Mins
Dark SealLost Chapter

Core Annie Items

~22 Mins
Luden's TempestRabadon's DeathcapShadowflameSorcerer's Shoes

Optional Items

Void StaffZhonya's HourglassHorizon FocusMorellonomicon

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonerdot summoner spell F

Skill Order

First skill for Annie to level up q
Second ability for Annie to level up w
Last skill for Annie to max out e


Domination Electrocute Cheap ShotEyeball CollectionRelentless Hunter
Sorcery Manaflow BandGathering Storm
AttackSpeed Adaptive MagicRes
Annie's passive ability p
Annie q ability q
Annie w ability w
Annie e ability e
Annie's ultimate ability r

Annie Matchups Overview

More Gameplay Tips for Annie Players

Tips and Tricks

Use Disintegrate on minions to deal the killing blow and farm effectively.

Annie is a burst mage. Your Annie build should focus on maximizing her damage to ensure you get a kill with each strike. If you don't, you may not survive the counter attack.

Keep a stun stored to use with Annie's ultimate.

Annie FAQs

Q: What makes Annie a good beginner champion?

A: Annie is simple to learn because she has just one mechanic: when your stun is up, blow all of your abilities at the same time on an enemy. Additionally, once summoned, Tibbers can help you deal a lot of extra damage without even trying :p. Annie is considered by many to be the easiest champion to learn how to play in League of Legends, yet she is still powerful and fun to play!

Q: What is one of Annie's greatest strengths?

A: Her stun has a large area-of-effect and no cast delay. She can stop just about any enemy in their tracks, and if they are reduced in health, she will likely delete them too.

Q: What is one of Annie's weaknesses that I should be aware of?

A: Her spells have a relatively short range. In one-on-one fights, this is rarely an issue; she deals so much damage and can back away while her target is stunned. However, if she's facing many enemies, she's left open too close to her enemies with all of her abilities on cooldown. In teamfights, she won't last long without support.

Additional Annie Build Insights

League of Legends Annie players will find her to be a challenging champ to build out properly. You will notice that her build varies when she is fighting either well-rounded or specialized team comps, showing you shouldn't choose the same Annie build every single round of League of Legends

The best items to include in your champ's build are: Luden's Tempest, Rabadon's Deathcap, and Shadowflame. Players who added these items in their gear had a greater winrate than players who used other item builds for Annie. Similarly, if you are battling a mixed enemy team arrangement, you should strongly consider getting her the Domination, and Sorcery runes. In recent games, she won the greatest fraction of her rounds when equipped with these runes.

We established our Annie build guidance by analyzing 32,561 recently ranked League of Legends games with her in them. We only propose the best winrate Annie builds that have been built by ranked League players enough times for us to propose them. With so many matches in our dataset, we are confident in our suggested builds.