League of Legends Champion Miss Fortune Miss Fortune is in the a tier of champions

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a marksman Role marksman
Difficulty Easy
Power Spike Early-Game
Love Tap ability p
Double Up ability q
Strut ability w
Make It Rain ability e
Bullet Time ability r

Miss Fortune Build

based on 261,428 matches
Win Rate
52.7 %
Pick Rate
25.3 %
Ban Rate
22.2 %

How We Come Up with Our Miss Fortune Builds

We process over 1 Million League of Legends games every day to bring you the most accurate Miss Fortune build so you can destroy your enemies and improve you win rate. We've broken down our Miss Fortune builds by rank, position, and enemy team type, so you can find the most accurate set of Miss Fortune core items and runes for any situation.

Miss Fortune Build Summary

Miss Fortune is a good bottom lane champion in League of Legends. Her best rune sets are Domination Sorcery. Adding the highlighted runes shown below in your Miss Fortune build will help provide you with the additional bonuses to guarantee she plays well through the laning phase of the round and into the late game. Miss Fortune players should start by building up her q ability first.

Best Build for Miss Fortune


Starter Items

Time Target
CullHealth Potion

Early Items

~5 Mins
Cloak of AgilityPickaxe

Core Miss Fortune Items

~22 Mins
EclipseYoumuu's GhostbladeThe CollectorBoots of Swiftness

Optional Items

Edge of NightGuardian AngelInfinity EdgeBloodthirster

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonerheal summoner spell F

Skill Order

First skill for Miss Fortune to level up q
Second ability for Miss Fortune to level up w
Last skill for Miss Fortune to max out e


Domination Dark Harvest Cheap ShotEyeball CollectionTreasure Hunter
Sorcery Absolute FocusGathering Storm
Adaptive Adaptive Armor
Miss Fortune's passive ability p
Miss Fortune q ability q
Miss Fortune w ability w
Miss Fortune e ability e
Miss Fortune's ultimate ability r

Miss Fortune Matchups Overview

More Gameplay Tips for Miss Fortune Players

Tips and Tricks

Alternating between targets can maximize the damage dealth from Love Tap.

Strut is an excellent tool to close the gap during a chase or to escape a team fight. She has

Miss Fortune FAQs

Q: What are Miss Fortune's greatest strengths?

A: Miss Fortune has great teamfight potential. Her Ult does a massive amonut of damage in a very wide area of effect, especially in the late game. It's not uncommon for her to kill most opponents that are caught in her Ult, even if they are full health. Stack lots of damage in your Miss Fortune build to carry team fights. Your Ult synergizes very well with other champions that have AoE stuns or impairs, such as Leona, Malphite, and Amumu. <br> Miss Furtune also has great poke in lane. With her Q, she can deal great damage without taking minion aggro. You just need to position yourself well to aim the follow-up shot at the enemy champ.

Q: What is Miss Fortune's biggest weakness?

A: Her greatest threats come from the fact that her abiltiies can be dodged or interrupted by the right champions. Her Ult is a channel ability. If the enemy team can easily interrupt her cast, she won't be much of a threat. Additionally, while her Q is powerful, a skilled player can position themselves well to avoid most pokes.

Q: Is AP Miss Fortune viable?

A: AP Miss Fortune is viable, but usually not as the team's main carry. With the proper AP Miss Fortune build, she will deal great AoE damage-over-time using both her E and her Ult. You usually only see AP Miss Fortune played as a support. Even then, it usually isn't better than most other support champions. It can be good against some team compositions and is fun to play, but in competitive play, we really recommend players to stick with AD Miss Fortune.

Q: What is the best way to farm with Miss Fortune?

A: Miss Fortune's passive causes her to deal bonus damage to her auto attack target if her last auto attack wasn't against the same target. This can help ensure your last hit get the minion and you the kill gold. If you want to clear minions quickly to push on an objective, you should switch between them to maximize your damage.

Additional Miss Fortune Build Insights

LoL Miss Fortune players will likely find her to be a challenging champion to build out properly. You'll find that her build is modified when she is fighting either diversified or highly focused team comps, showing you shouldn't follow the same Miss Fortune build every single game of League of Legends

The most important items to include in your champion's build include: Eclipse, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and The Collector. Players who added these items in their setups had a higher winrate than players who worked towards other builds for Miss Fortune. Moreover, if you are fighting a well-mixed enemy team composition, you should strongly consider getting Miss Fortune the Domination, and Sorcery runes. In recent games, she won the largest fraction of her matches when using these runes.

We set our Miss Fortune build guidance by analyzing 261,428 recently ranked League rounds with her in them. We only advise the highest winrate Miss Fortune builds that were used by ranked gamers enough times for us to suggest them. With so many rounds in our data, we are very confident in our recommended builds.